Eating Out in Busan

I will not be tired of writing here that I was satisfied with my medium break at the early 2017, despite the fact it was so much different with the earliest planned plan. It was two years ago, however the memories remain still. During that break time, one of few places where I ended up working in substitution with accommodation and some foods was Busan. I worked at one family managed hotel in order to get substitute with place to stay and breakfast. It didn’t last long compared to the other places, but still gave me few things worth to remember.

When they only provided me with a meal a day, I had to get the rest meal of the day by my own. Support by the condition I was in, I roamed around a lot after working time to feed myself.

One of many things made me enjoying my short time there was its strategic location. It was few walk away from the main Busan Station. Moreover, it was surrounded by few flea markets and traditional market which made it so lovable (at least to me).

When I was so lazy, I just treated myself with few fresh and quite cheap local fruits in few minutes walking distance.


When the tourist’s spirit in me was on fire, I strode further. So, here is my list.

Pork Soup (Dwaeji Gukbap/돼지국밥)

By now, you might get the feel that my love to “soondaegukbap” (rice and soondae soup) is undeniable.

Okay, back to the Pork Soup or Rice and Soondae Soup. I had this as my first meal in Busan. I was treated by the hotel owner as an introduction (what a very nice of him). Thank you, Boss. What I noticed first as it was served on our table, what made this Busan delicacies different with the other areas that I had tasted was the clear soup. It looked plain (wait until I tasted it).


Another different thing was the side dishes. Besides the ones that already wide spreading in South Korea, it came with the distinctive Jeotgal (젓갈 salted fermented small shrimps), excessive green chilies, and scallions or green onions,

I tried the clear plain Pork Soup, it was actually plain, and later I got educated by my Boss that was why the salted fermented and excessive green onions were served, to pour down into the bowl. At first I was hesitated until he showed me how to do it.

Magic happened; the taste got much better and gave the distinctive pleasing which I never had before. While emptying out our bowl, I was taught how to eat another excessive serving of green chilly.

I munched the whole soup. In summary, the taste was uniquely savory and fresh, the serving was fulfilling.

See different bowl story here.


We also got a table full of contentment of dwaejigugbap and boiled pork in Haeundae area.


It all was kind of the fulfillment on one serving table. ❤


I stuffed myself with these small fish shaped treats in between trips or to manipulate my hunger before I arrived at my destination restaurant. 😀


I bought this inside the exchanging stations. Its strong lovely smell that first attracted me, which later became a new addiction. ❤ 🙂

Fish Soup and Eels in Haeundae

Being in Busan without a connection with the sea would be incomplete. They said and I thought. So I took a quite long ride (about 40 minutes) northeastward Busan Station, Haeundae area. Besides its popularity as one of the beach activities, the seafood shops filled market was something as well.

Spending minutes to decide what was worthy of my limited money and limited fond of seafood, I finally chose one restaurant which provided fish bone soup. To accompany what it called fish bone soup, I also picked the grilled eel on the list.

When it was first served on my table, it didn’t seem so luring. I was provided was I ordered.

However, I better next time, not judge the foods before tasting it. What was seen as the mixed of left bones from the fishes, later surprising me.


The generous portion of fish bone soup was savory and fresh. It went really well with grilled eels and all the fresh side dishes provided. Fulfilling. The whole serving was worth all my money spent. I didn’t regret it even a bit. It was sure something I’d love to have again someday, on my next visit to Busan.

For now, that all I can share about Busan and its food.

Have you experienced Busan and its food? How was it?
Do you have something about Busan that you want me to write?

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