Postcards from Bali

I just back from Bali, a week ago. However, it was different from my previous trips. I didn’t explore more the area, mostly I spent my days slouching in my hotel room. So I got no pictures or whatsoever.

Today, I reopened my old pictures from globe trotting and found this one folder named “Postcard”, and then I remember I used to dream to make my own postcard instead of buying it.

So here two postcards from Bali. I chose it from gazilions pictures collections.

Paragliding in Timbis, Bali


I wrote it wrong on the picture, this is paragliding. The picture is owned by my friend, Dodo Pongpandin whom I went to Bali with. There is story behind this. I recall at the end of our tour together, which was happened because we tagged along with our first in team newlyweds friend’s honeymoon, D asked us to try paragliding. However, I didn’t like being at free zone height, and I still do. So we let D and two other friends had their way to Timbis, Nusa Dua, Bali and experienced it.

Later, D sent to our group this picture, showing how they had fun there and had no regrets, like hoping the rest of us left, felt any regret. The only thing I regretted was the view. So here I share the magnificent sight of Nusa Dua, Bali from up above. The picture was a bit filtered with his great gadget, but still this looks striking.

Sunset at Legian, Bali

Bali and sunset are two inseparable things, no matter how many times people mention it. It still looks amazing once we get the best sight.  So does Legian. It might be one of the most crowded area in Bali related to tourist visit. However, Legian is still one of the best places to enjoy the marvellous sunset.

Sunset at Legian

This sunset I captured was a little bit edited by me by how I used my phone camera. I managed the angle, so I got this shades.

I waited since 4 p.m to get myself enjoy in this shades around the dusk. While waiting, I enjoyed people playing football on the shore, while the other busy playing on the water, or with their dogs, or with relatives.

Those are my two postcards from Bali in 2013. How do you think about it?

How do you like this postcard post?

Are these postcards worth printing?


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