Sea of Strangers – Lang Leav

Thoughts after reading. 

(Spoiler alert from the excerpts)


36100966What had hurt her?

Who had hurt her?

How she had been hurt?

Had she been hurt that deep?

Would she ever be healed?

Or this how she was healing?

Those phrases were crossing my mind alternately. Flipping over each page of Sea of Strangers and reading carefully each byte of the printed poem, I wondered whether the author was once deeply in love or many times being in love so deep. The un-reciprocal ones.

I was in love, I adored someone in romantic way before, yet I could not keep with the deep love of this Sea of Stranger’s love. I think it was too deep; it was too precious for the author, so she could write all of the emotions she felt on this book.


For those who are in love, for those who ever broken heart, be for those who are admiring love, Sea of Stranger might be good on your reading list.




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