One Fine Day in Seoul

May 30th, 2019

I was just one fine day in Seoul, on my last travel abroad right before Covid-19.

A fine day for it was just another day to spend day roaming around Seoul when the Seoulites did their daily activity.

A fine day for me because I had no schedule to follow, I had my own pace traveling around the city leisurely.

A fine day because I met my friend which I first met through blogwalking and we have checked one to another once in a while, sharing random things once in a while or just said our hello and sharing weather from where we stayed at the moment.

One fine day because I felt it would have been a good day to meet someone

And yes, indeed it was great. As usual.

First thing first, food.

We loved to start our meeting in any kind of restaurant. When it came to food, we had difference preferences. However, her thoughtfulness always found the place which was nice for both of us.

That time was a simple place in Gangnam area with varies fulfilling food with a pleasing sight from our table.

Since we both love blogging, the talks about writing and books always served on the table, so did any kinds related to those, like how she suggested us to go to a giant bookstore in Seoul.

Blue Square Book Park is 2 stories store which lies at the second floor of a Blue Square building complex.

When I was there, the tables and seats were displayed all around including at the corners or randomly, where you could find it was enjoyable spot for reading.

For me, the Blue Square Book Park was pleasing for the eyes and amusing that tiny spot of the bookworm soul inside me, it was also full with cute stationary calling you to collect all the provided kind.

If only we didn’t have limited time, I might have spent the whole day there.

That visit to Blue Square had made my one day in Seoul. I couldn’t be more grateful for my friend who always thoughtful about our meeting.

As though it wasn’t satisfying enough, my friend and I then strode to a café nearby. The semi-open concept of the café sent a good vibe. Cozy enough for us to continue having one or two interesting conversation over cups of our preferences coffees.

It was one fine day that made my trip to Seoul always filled with may good memories about friend, places, food, and moment. Had you ever have that kind of simple day somewhere which felt so fine?


Feel free to drop your thought...Thank you \^o^/

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