Foods for Field Break (Part II)

Nine days left for my field break and the food list is increasing. Yesterday, I posted about my favourite food in Samarinda, now I’ll go for Bandung. I’d lived at Bandung for more than 6 years so I love its taste. At first my stomach rejected the food in Bandung because mostly it’s raw vegetable, fried any-side-dishes, and separated ‘sambal’ (crushed chillies) without any broth while I used to eat the contrary serving. So below the list of food which are hardly missed by me while visiting Bandung; – Yamin Ceker besides Heritage Factory Outlet Literally dried noodle with meatball … Continue reading Foods for Field Break (Part II)

Foods for Field Break

Food is on my top list when I’m about to get my field break like now; in countdown, I have 10 days left for my next field break (this thing is one of mood booster in our mining life). This time, some cities would be passed by me, such us; Balikpapan (will be passed on the way to Sangatta), Samarinda (will be passed on the way to Sangatta), Sangatta (my dad’s home), Bandung (will be visited), and Jakarta (will be visited). So along the cities pass list, the list of food is coming along. Balikpapan Balikpapan is famous for its … Continue reading Foods for Field Break

Scrambled Egg (Attempted)

Yeay, I just found a cool blog about food that I frequently visit. What I like about this blog is its (looks like) simple recipes, even though I still hard to manage my time for making it (I have my daily three times meal prepare well by the company too). Not a long ago, they revealed the recipe about scrambled egg, my hands get itchy for trying it. So here you can find the recipe and this is how I made it. I think I ruined their recipe T_T, but it doesn’t matter for me, I still chewed the entire … Continue reading Scrambled Egg (Attempted)

A Little Taste of Bugis, South Celebes

My dad is a Bugis and my mom is a Torajan, after sharing foods that my mom used to cook, now i want to share what my dad’s line delicacies. Both of them are from South Celebes though. Buras Banana leaf wraped mushy rice which is cooked with coconut milk. I think this carbohydrate contained meal is one of most infamous from Bugis. We usually make this for special occasion since it is not easy to make and spend more time. But i guarantee that each sweat drop and time would be not wasted because the savoury won’t leave your … Continue reading A Little Taste of Bugis, South Celebes

Tasting Japanese Food in Japan

Like I’ve told on my last posting, I had a trip to Japan about a month ago. There are so many things about Japan that attract me. One of them is food. I really love any kind of oriental food, including Japanese culinary. So, when I spent holiday in Japan, I tasted as many food as I could and here list of my worth trying food from Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Tasting Japanese Food in Tokyo and surrounding Pork Curry Rice at Tokyo Station. I had this meal at Tokyo Station when we were waiting our bus to Kawaguchi. We … Continue reading Tasting Japanese Food in Japan

My Sweet Mixed Fruits

Yeah, it’s week-end already (like I’m affected whether it week-end or not *_*’!). Recently I’m getting enough with those camp meals. Either it’s not attractive or it’s even more not attractive, packaging and the content. I’m not someone who doesn’t grateful for whatever meal is, but…I just can’t take it anymore, for this time. So, instead of being like an old woman with so much complaining, I make my own meal. This time I use something that i easily find around me or already provided by my company since I’m a little bit isolated and this is simple, it needs … Continue reading My Sweet Mixed Fruits

Homielicious; Home Flavour, Sincerity and Love Spices

Speaking of Christmas season (again???!!!) and being …about 785 kilometers away from home…reminds me (again) everything about home and my family (I’m really a single family girl). Here some of my family recipes that I miss so much when I’m being separated from that tiny but cozy home. Its an ordinary food added with an extraordinary spices, i just feel it extraordinary because they make it especially for me while i’m home.. I can feel they pour out all of their love and sincerity while making it…yess, i call it home flavor (mmmm,,,i think I’m exaggerating now -_-). “Dining with … Continue reading Homielicious; Home Flavour, Sincerity and Love Spices