One Last Night in Yamashinden

Have I written here that I continued doing HelpX even in Japan? Have I told you it was at one tiny hilly village named Yamashinden, which I first acknowledged the area from the profile of my future host? Have I written here that one of numerous things I loved about Nagano was the food? Okay, it doesn’t matter because I assure that I have written … Continue reading One Last Night in Yamashinden

Lake Sidihoni, A Lake within Lake Toba

The scorching sun of Samosir Island that day could not hinder me from driving the rent motorcycle all the way up to the approximately altitude 1,300 meter of Lake Sidihoni. Located 40 km westward of the visitors’ most favorite Tomok, the people at my homestay said that I could reach Lake Sidihoni in about 1 hour. However, the road wasn’t easy for my riding skill, … Continue reading Lake Sidihoni, A Lake within Lake Toba

The Empty Streets of Granada

Agree or disagree, one of various things that could affect the beautiful visual of a city is its street; its cleanness, decoration, and also influenced by the rows of buildings on both sides of the street. It was Sunday morning when I reached the center city of Granada after having two and half hours bus ride from Lobras, about 90 km southeastward. On the weekend, … Continue reading The Empty Streets of Granada

The Faces of Shibuya

When you pay a visit to Tokyo, I think a stop to Shibuya would be hardly avoided. Shibuya Crossing is hardly separated from Shibuya itself, however, there is much more to enjoy in Shibuya than its extremely popular and populated crossing and Hachiko statue. Below are few pictures about Shibuya that I frequently visit at afternoon or night. Tsutaya Bookstore Now, I bravely claim that … Continue reading The Faces of Shibuya

7 Possible Ways to Enjoy La Alpujarra

As I mentioned on my previous post, La Alpujarra offers various ways of making my long and thrilling journey is worth taking. I might not be able to do all of it; however, on my own list, at least there are 7 possible ways to make a trip to La Alpujarra is enjoyable. Go white Wondering around the wide or narrow lanes of each small white … Continue reading 7 Possible Ways to Enjoy La Alpujarra