First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tsukiji Fish Market

Let us get out of my last two toxic posts before. It’s tiring to remember anyway. How about a memory from my first time arriving in Tokyo? The moment that I hardly believe has passed for three years. Yes, exactly three years ago. Wow. How can time fly this fast? In three years, I see my new born baby niece to a cheerful talk-active little girl, or my growing nephew from elementary school to intermediate, from a mama’s boy to a teenager who refuses to be dropped up to his school’s gate. As for me, for the last three years, … Continue reading First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tsukiji Fish Market

Shinsekai, Osaka

This post will be about me and Shinsekai, and will  be… a little bit narcissistic. 😀 Shinsekai is one popular tourist destination in Tennoji Area, Osaka, in spite of its lack of safety issue. The issue I couldn’t affirmed, whether it was true or just rumor because as far as I remembered, I’ve never felt that way. I’ve visited Shinsekai twice and I had never even once faced the safety issue. All I’ve ever felt was the excitement while walking from one lane to another. I think it was really hard to be in bad mood while in Shinsekai area, … Continue reading Shinsekai, Osaka

A Glimpse of Hakone

Three days ago, I got an opened love letter from one of my best friends, Neng Uchan. She tagged me a picture of Mount Fuji which was beautifully taken from Hakone. Both Mount Fuji and Hakone have a special place, somewhere in my heart. Back to the call, it was a sweet reminder of our first anniversary trip to Hakone. Yeaaaahhh \^0^/ (clapping my own hand for my own achievement). Even though we just spent a night there and it didn’t work as what we had planned before, I still had few good memories about it (I do hope this … Continue reading A Glimpse of Hakone

My First Random Memories of Tokyo

I’ve been following someone’s blog for these past few months, a photographer who takes me anywhere around the globe with his random lovely photographs. He updates daily. I love seeing so many random things he has been posted, no specific themes, just random things that make his posts are interesting to see. However what I love the most is his photographs about random things in Japan, one of my dream countries, which at the same time it makes me sad for keeping me recalling my flash trips to few cities in Japan. I hardly move on from the last trip … Continue reading My First Random Memories of Tokyo

Those Little Things in Osaka

In this life, sometimes, we don’t put much attention to the existence of few (what we thought as little) things, like these things in Osaka, which actually were not little that I’d never noticed its presence until my second visit at last autumn, 2014. It seemed to me that all sparkling and colorful neon signs that spread all over the city or the beautiful places that I’ve been in distracted me from seeing in. I saw few of which when bowing. At some points, these were simply attractive. This cute squirrel was first seen by Dadiet, at first I wondered how … Continue reading Those Little Things in Osaka

The Walk of A Geisha

I’m not over with “Memoirs of A Geisha” by Arthur Golden, yes, I know that I was left too far behind from this book was published for the first time or even from its movie first coming out. However, there were few places which were written in the book that I want to share. ◊Kamo River River or stream was mentioned so many times in the book, but as far as I remember, the only one river that flows close to Gion District is Kamogawa River, one of the most popular spots for both tourist and Kyoto resident. Spending time … Continue reading The Walk of A Geisha

Geisha in Gion

I was in the middle of reading Memoirs of A Geisha by Arthur Golden when this mind of mine couldn’t stop recalling my trip to Kyoto last year. At our first night in Kyoto, on our way to hostel from Yasaka Shrine after a day long walk, my friends and I decided to take a brief stop at Gion, a renowned and original Geisha District in entire Japan. According to the information that I’d read and collected before entering Japan about how to meet Geisha in Gion coincidentally, the time when we entered wasn’t the perfect one, in other words, … Continue reading Geisha in Gion

Hachiko Statue

Hachiko statue which is standing close to Shibuya station’s west exit is seemed quite interesting to people who love dog, moreover a dog that well known for its unquestionable faithfulness. Honestly speaking, I’m not a fan of any pets, but a fan of faithfulness. I also can’t tell which dog is specifically beautiful or good unless someone explain to me. So, when I first saw Hachiko statue, I couldn’t tell which part was so interesting about it (Let’s put aside the story of it), until my second visit when I observed people who were gathered around it. Most of people … Continue reading Hachiko Statue

The Scent of Autumn of Arashiyama

When I was planning my trip to Japan for autumn 2014, I was really attracted by any foliage colour of autumn. All the websites, blogs, and brochures that I’d read during preparation were showing how beautiful the colour of autumn of Japan would be. So, I set my heart and my mind for enjoying any trees leaves changing during that moment. My thought about the beauty of autumn leaves was lingered on until I found out the truth when I arrived at Hakone at the southern of Tokyo. When I first saw the scenery, I was perplexed. At that moment … Continue reading The Scent of Autumn of Arashiyama