The Faces of Shibuya

When you pay a visit to Tokyo, I think a stop to Shibuya would be hardly avoided. Shibuya Crossing is hardly separated from Shibuya itself, however, there is much more to enjoy in Shibuya than its extremely popular and populated crossing and Hachiko statue. Below are few pictures about Shibuya that I frequently visit at afternoon or night. Tsutaya Bookstore Now, I bravely claim that … Continue reading The Faces of Shibuya

Tokyo Tower and My Incompleteness

Let’s go to Tokyo Tower before continuing my (seems unfinished) stories of South Korea. You might be aware that I am this typical person who loves the free or cheap rides at the same amount how I enjoy seeing the icons or landmarks of a city. If I miss that while visiting a country, especially if it’s easily accessed, I would feel slightly troubled, one … Continue reading Tokyo Tower and My Incompleteness

Once Upon A Time at Shibuya

Ah, kali ini pake bahasa Indonesia dulu. Bukan EYD pastinya karena aku selalu lemah di situ. Cerita kali ini, masih terinspirasi dari group chat Seoul. Iya, aku tau aku susah move on, bahkan cenderung gak mau move on. Kali ini bukan cerita dari Seoul, tetapi di negara tentangganya, Jepang, tepatnya di Shibuya. Lebih tepatnya lagi cerita tentang suatu hari di musim semi, saat aku dan … Continue reading Once Upon A Time at Shibuya

Asakusa, Akiba, and Shinjuku at First Time

No, I didn’t procrastinate this post. I got my day off yesterday, so I had no good internet connection. 😥 April 28th, 2013 Our last day in Tokyo before heading to next city, Kyoto. I have posted two pictures below before; however, I’m not over it. Asakusa, 10:20 a.m Meeting up the cuteness promise, while travelling around Tokyo, it was really easy to find anything that … Continue reading Asakusa, Akiba, and Shinjuku at First Time

First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tokyo Station

A bit different with the last three years when I promised myself to write in each travel anniversary, this time I’ll grab the moment and write every single day until my last time in Japan, which means I’ll write continuously for the next 5 days. If the first day was memorable simply for it was first, my second day was memorable because few things which … Continue reading First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tokyo Station

First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tsukiji Fish Market

Let us get out of my last two toxic posts before. It’s tiring to remember anyway. How about a memory from my first time arriving in Tokyo? The moment that I hardly believe has passed for three years. Yes, exactly three years ago. Wow. How can time fly this fast? In three years, I see my new born baby niece to a cheerful talk-active little … Continue reading First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tsukiji Fish Market

My First Random Memories of Tokyo

I’ve been following someone’s blog for these past few months, a photographer who takes me anywhere around the globe with his random lovely photographs. He updates daily. I love seeing so many random things he has been posted, no specific themes, just random things that make his posts are interesting to see. However what I love the most is his photographs about random things in … Continue reading My First Random Memories of Tokyo

Hachiko Statue

Hachiko statue which is standing close to Shibuya station’s west exit is seemed quite interesting to people who love dog, moreover a dog that well known for its unquestionable faithfulness. Honestly speaking, I’m not a fan of any pets, but a fan of faithfulness. I also can’t tell which dog is specifically beautiful or good unless someone explain to me. So, when I first saw … Continue reading Hachiko Statue

Let’s Travel Together

Hi, I’m back from my (pretending) busy life and since I have to many things to share, but to confuse to decide where to start, then here the easiest post and I think important enough to share; my travel plan from mid to end of 2014. I want to tell you one thing, this blogosphere somehow changes me into something that I’ve never been before; … Continue reading Let’s Travel Together

Chasing the Last Sakura

Negara Sakura (Country of Cherry Blossom) is one of many ways how Indonesian address Japan respectfully. Me, who have interest in everything about Japan since elementary school, just like the other citizen, have a great desire to lay my own feet on that lovely country and be a witness of how beautiful the cherry blossom scene is; not just from various comic, novel, and book … Continue reading Chasing the Last Sakura