Mundane Monday; Sangkulirang, East Borneo

It was just a typical daily routine for the local Sangkulirang, approximately 70 km eastward my working’s area, when I took it as an holidays gateway. It was a greenery bumpy road we had to take, with sometimes fully cover … Continue reading Mundane Monday; Sangkulirang, East Borneo

My Weekends

Apart from my holidays, my daily life is apparently plain. It’s a 7 to 5 work life with little myself time after dinner. Not much to do with those remains hours after working hours. Only on the weekends I get additional one or two hours depends on how early we leave the office, which is influenced by the big boss. With that additional time, I often spent it with an afternoon walk (and the walk depends on the weather). It always be the same route because we only have that one province road in our neighborhood, which isn’t an easy … Continue reading My Weekends

A Glimpse of Nene’ Bilong’s Rambu Solo

Before deciding to share about this, I was eager to continue posting my South Korea trip, but I was lack of idea about how to write it, I share a glimpse of Rambu Solo (funeral ceremony) of my late grandfather (from my late mom’s side) instead. The ceremony was held in July 2010, about more than half year after he was gone. Since I am currently far from any family who are capable to explain to me what was happened on each picture, I will only tell each picture based on my experience there. I think I was so careless … Continue reading A Glimpse of Nene’ Bilong’s Rambu Solo