A Glimpse of Nene’ Bilong’s Rambu Solo

Before deciding to share about this, I was eager to continue posting my South Korea trip, but I was lack of idea about how to write it, I share a glimpse of Rambu Solo (funeral ceremony) of my late grandfather (from my late mom’s side) instead. The ceremony was held in July 2010, about more than half year after he was gone. Since I am currently far from any family who are capable to explain to me what was happened on each picture, I will only tell each picture based on my experience there. I think I was so careless … Continue reading A Glimpse of Nene’ Bilong’s Rambu Solo

Tombs Hopping in Toraja

Whether you are a local or a visitor, I think you’ll be captivated by Torajan funeral ceremony. There’s a saying which is widely spread that we, Torajan, live for the dead one. My mom once even told us this,” When it comes to a wedding party, don’t you ever dare to come when you are not invited, even though you are a relative, but it much different with funeral, once you hear about a Torajan’s funeral, whether you are invited or not, you have to come and join the ceremony.” Yes, we treat our deceased specially. Despite all of the … Continue reading Tombs Hopping in Toraja

Patung Tuhan Yesus Memberkati, Makale

I like the sound of blessing, I like speaking of blessing, I like the blessings, I like to be blessed everyday, and I like it more to be someone else blessing, everyday. That’s why I like the name of this new icon of Makale; Patung Tuhan Yesus Memberkati more than the fantastic price of constructing this ambitious icon and how tall it is. It covers the whole area of Makale city. I hope the name of this statue becomes everyday pray of Makale residents and its surrounding. And… Happy Passed-over. He’s alive, so we could live. Continue reading Patung Tuhan Yesus Memberkati, Makale

My Awesome Moments in Toraja

Some memories of my trip may remain awkward, while some are awesome. So what is awesomeness according to my simple taste? Landscape, landscap, and landscape It is an undeniable fact that Indonesia is blessed with numerous natural beauties, so is South Celebes, especially Toraja as a part of this beloved country. As far as I remember, during my trip, the whole view was green and awesome, whether it was the mountain, river, or paddy field. All was effortlessly beautiful. Even along our bus ride from Makassar to Toraja, my eyes were alternately spoiled by beautiful various landscape features of South … Continue reading My Awesome Moments in Toraja

My Awkward Moments in Toraja

I just came back from South Celebes a week ago with few members of family. That was an impromptu trip because my dad suddenly missed his hometown, Palopo and my sister and I worried that my dad would feel lonely by traveling alone, so we decided to accompany him and pay a brief visit to Toraja. And later we brought along our niece who had not visited Toraja for long time. Since it was an impromptu one, I didn’t expect visiting any tourist spots, and I also thought that a week trip to Toraja and its surrounding would be filled … Continue reading My Awkward Moments in Toraja