Time Like This: In Karimunjawa

October 2019 It was one of my many breakdown moments when I finally decided to go along with my friend’s plan for spending our field break in Karimunjawa, Jepara, Central Java. That time I didn’t feel like having another holidays, … Continue reading Time Like This: In Karimunjawa

Hello Jogja

For the last two months, I’ve visited Jogja (Yogyakarta) twice; first on mid September and the second time on mid October. Both visits were for different occasion. Before those two trips, I last visited Yogyakarta in 2005. So many things have changed for the last 10 years, except the scorching sun of Yogyakarta. On my first arrival, even though it was longer than the second one, I didn’t do so many things, except attended a conference, had dinner outside the hostel, and spent the rest day slouching either on the roof top of the hostel where I stayed or in … Continue reading Hello Jogja

Breakfast/Brunch at Warung Taru, Bandung

Yeah, it’s weekend. Speaking of weekend, there is a place that likes crossing my mind on each weekend, Warung Taru in Bandung. Warung Taru is one of my favorite places for having breakfast or brunch when I’m in the city, especially on the weekends. It has special feeling on the weekends for I love spending time there with my friends who are mostly free on those times of week. I love everything while I’m at Warung Taru; I love the wooden dominated furnitures and ornaments, I love the view, I love its tasteful foods, and I also love the affordable … Continue reading Breakfast/Brunch at Warung Taru, Bandung

Let’s Travel Together

Hi, I’m back from my (pretending) busy life and since I have to many things to share, but to confuse to decide where to start, then here the easiest post and I think important enough to share; my travel plan from mid to end of 2014. I want to tell you one thing, this blogosphere somehow changes me into something that I’ve never been before; I tell so many things that I’m not used to share, so did my travel plan. I always keep my travel plan; especially travel outside my country from people, but those few people who really … Continue reading Let’s Travel Together

Lost in Surabaya -_-“! A Shame Confession of a Geologist

Indeed. It’s a shame confession of a geologist technical geology graduated who supposes to be familiar or becomes one with map. At January 29, 2013, I got my first field break at my new office. As usual, before going to where my father and sister live, Sangatta, East Borneo, I gave myself a break and it was at Surabaya. Actually, that was an intentional lost. Because I wasn’t interested travel to that second largest city in Indonesia, something important drove me there, so I just let myself lost. Before travelling, I usually prepare everything, I never forget my 5W+2H; where … Continue reading Lost in Surabaya -_-“! A Shame Confession of a Geologist