Thought on the Road; One Nice Manner

Speaking of craving samgyeopsal on my previous post triggers the appearance of another topic. It’s about that one nice manner that gained my attention during trip to South Korea every time I dined with my Korean friends. Okay, this blog direction is slowly becoming ‘Yuna’s 12 Days South Korean Random Review’. 😀 I am a person without a complex table manner or etiquette, so that one gesture that will be revealing here was noticed by me due to that reason. It was every time I had meals with my Korean friends; they always prepared and arranged the spoon and chopsticks … Continue reading Thought on the Road; One Nice Manner

Walking Busker and Watching Barry

Yuna is back to diligent writing mode. In seconds, my fourth first experience in South Korea will be revealed; playing with dogs. Yes, you read it right. I know so many people, few of which are close relatives of mine, who can’t live without their pets, especially dogs or cats, people who are very different with me. Even my sister was sobbing badly when she had to be separated from her dearest dog because of one reason, which I have never understand well why she had to be like that (am I sounded so cold now?) Please don’t get me … Continue reading Walking Busker and Watching Barry