More of May 14, 2016 in Seoul

When mostly Korean Couple spent May 14, 2016 with roses, I spent that day with friends and food. I found it was romantic as changing roses (a made up excuse). 😀 Irina and I skipped breakfast, so we decided to have lunch together like what I’ve told on previous post, but before having (extremely) late lunch, we promised to visit War Memorial of Korea. The War Memorial of Korea is a massive building with a helpful digital guide. I couldn’t say that visiting a war memorial was pleasing as visiting palaces or other historic places, it have always given different … Continue reading More of May 14, 2016 in Seoul

Seoul, May 14th, 2016

Do you know that there is celebration on 14th day on each month in South Korea? I caught a glimpse of an article about it right before I flew to South Korea. I read it somewhere, but I didn’t give any attention, until I came to Seoul on a day before, May 13th. Since my first day in Seoul was messed up, I only hung out at night for dinner and brief strolled along the side of Cheonggye Stream (청계천 Cheonggyecheon). On the next day, I spent almost whole day outside, which was on Saturday, May 14th, 2016. When my … Continue reading Seoul, May 14th, 2016

Thought on the Road of Seoul

Born and grew up in none other countries but Indonesia makes me being accustomed well with common sense of this beloved country of mine. Therefore, when I did travel abroad, I was sometimes surprised by one or two acts; even it was a simple one. Actually not only when traveled abroad, but also anywhere in Indonesia, but East Borneo where I precisely born and grew up, when I encountered quite different culture with one we usually did in East Borneo. I usually hide my surprised in action, but sometimes, something or some events left the impression a little bit longer … Continue reading Thought on the Road of Seoul

Instant Rice

Oh my June, there are so many instant foods in this world that I don’t know exist, let’s say instant rice. Yeee, now you know that I’m lack of general knowledge. Thank to one of my treasured best friends who finally decided to write her own blog (and I’m delighted by it) mentioning about instant bibimbap which made me remember about similar thing that I had back in Seoul; instant rice. picture I found about this when Irina and I about making our last breakfast together. For few days when I stayed at her home, she’d always prepared breakfast, so … Continue reading Instant Rice

7 Amusing Things I did at Ihwa Mural Village, Seoul

Got through restoration for about 14 years, Ihwa Mural Village has been one of shining tourist destinations in Seoul since it finished in 2010. It attracts both local and non-local tourist to come and mostly enjoy the scattered murals which were painted on the wall of residents’ houses. As someone who lately has her sense of art showed more (ignore this, this is an hallow bragging though), I also became one of those tourists who flocked and enjoyed all of those murals. I wrote before that I only had the destination’s name in my mind; I had no specific idea … Continue reading 7 Amusing Things I did at Ihwa Mural Village, Seoul

Munching Out at Gwangjang Market, Seoul

Today I will reveal the second of first things I did while travelling abroad; had no written or printed itinerary for the whole trip. I think this one was an extreme change because I’d always planned my travel abroad in detailed. Travelling abroad was never easy for me, especially about preparing budget and getting visa, therefore I always made it detailed; where I wanted to go, what I would do, how much, each meal budget, transportation from one place to another. A very detailed itinerary you might ever expect from someone as careless as me. You might be surprised if … Continue reading Munching Out at Gwangjang Market, Seoul

A Slice of Cheesecake’s Story in Seoul

On my previous post, I said that I did a lot of new things on my first visit to South Korea (I think I’ll do more), one of which was couchsurfing. After giving much thought whether I should do it or not, I finally did it. I’d never had the confidence before, to stay and share anything with someone that I’d never known. However, I gave it a try in South Korea and I enjoyed it; everything that had happened during my staying with three different hosts. My first host was a university student in Seoul. At first I worried … Continue reading A Slice of Cheesecake’s Story in Seoul

Short Story of My Trip to South Korea

After arriving back to Indonesia from my South Korea trip, I’ve got a lot of question about my itinerary and budget. It might be caused by my (seemed interesting) holiday pictures that I’d posted all around my social media. Honestly speaking, I didn’t get many places to see for 10 days there, so I’ve only answered that I didn’t have many suggestion, but stories. If only they wanted to hear it, but I didn’t think they would. I think I could publish at least two books for those stories (joke). 😀 😀 I might be changing the way of my … Continue reading Short Story of My Trip to South Korea

I’m Heading for South Korea

Yes, I’m heading for South Korea. I’m about entering waiting room. This time is a little bit different with my previous trips when I prepared everything, especially itinerary 6 months before my departure time, I don’t even have any right now. I usually went detail  especially related to budgeting, now I don’t do it. I’m a little bit lazy lately and just want to see what would I get without detailed preparation. I’m excited though. Anyway, please free to give me any suggestion about anything. I’ll be roaming around Seoul, Jeonju, and Jeju.    Wish me wonderful trip. 🙂 Continue reading I’m Heading for South Korea