I am too much

Yes, I am too much to handle, there were even times when I did hate myself for being too much in anything (lebay). Love I posted about this before, when I thought someone was once harshly and recklessly said to me that it was too embarrassing to watch me falling for someone. He even mentioned that I was kind of disgusting. Yes disgusting. You might have never imagined before how loving someone could be disgusting, intimidating, or exasperating (yes, I finally use this word), even for someone who just watched it from afar. I didn’t realize it either. I have … Continue reading I am too much

Statistic That Matters

Speaking about blogging, there is one thing that I love doing each time I log in to my so beloved blog’s account; Little Orange World, seeing the statistic. Intentionally or un-intentionally, seeing the statistic is the first thing happens. I don’t deny it though for it’s the first page that appears in before my eyes. Each time, the first thing that appears off all will always be my-fluctuated-at low-level-stick-diagram. It doesn’t really matter for me, even though I sometimes happy if there’s a high spike or two in between. The things that I intentionally see are the flags of country, … Continue reading Statistic That Matters