Tokyo Tower and My Incompleteness

Letโ€™s go to Tokyo Tower before continuing my (seems unfinished) stories of South Korea. You might be aware that I am this typical person who loves the free or cheap rides at the same amount how I enjoy seeing the icons or landmarks of a city. If I miss that while visiting a country, especially if it’s easily accessed, I would feel slightly troubled, one … Continue reading Tokyo Tower and My Incompleteness

Pulau Rubiah and (Little) Thought on Modeling

12 pictures. Thank to my first snorkeling experience in Derawan Islands which slowly makes me realize that more beautiful things exist underwater than my fear. I did my second snorkeling a month ago, at the tip of Sumatera Island; Pulau Weh, precisely Pulau Rubiah. I hardly describe how I was overwhelmed by the awesome underwater view despite of the unfriendly weather and little bit fear … Continue reading Pulau Rubiah and (Little) Thought on Modeling

Memory of Seoul on May 15, 2016

… 11 Pictures, 849 words, under 5 minutes to read. ๐Ÿ˜€ The rain was persistent, so was my loneliness, and my willingness to spend one last day in Seoul nicely. Moreover, I had dinner appointment with my super nice host, Irina. I didnโ€™t want to miss it. I briskly walked with all of those reasons to the nearest station from where I stood that time. … Continue reading Memory of Seoul on May 15, 2016

Seoul, May 15, 2016

The rain is pouring heavily from this morning. Itโ€™s inconvenience to go anywhere, even to the Pit area, although the companyโ€™s vehicles are equipped with 4 wheels drive. Since I have worked in mining company, rain is something that we prefer not showing up. However, I know few people who love the rain. They always become delighted when the rain comes and I am always … Continue reading Seoul, May 15, 2016

Dan Bandung Bagiku…

Mengutip penggalan kalimat di salah satu buku Pidi Baiq yang sangat popular dikalangan penggemarnya dan juga penduduk Bandung, mereka yang lahir di Bandung, atau saja mereka yang pernah tinggal di Bandung sepertiku, dan bisa juga mereka yang pernah menjengguk Bandung walau sebentar namun sebagian hatinya tertinggal di sana. Selalu ada rasa yang spesial buat Bandung bagiku. Kemanapun aku melangkah, selalu saja ada yang menarikku untuk … Continue reading Dan Bandung Bagiku…

Thought on the Road; One Nice Manner

Speaking of craving samgyeopsal on my previous post triggers the appearance of another topic. Itโ€™s about that one nice manner that gained my attention during trip to South Korea every time I dined with my Korean friends. Okay, this blog direction is slowly becoming โ€˜Yunaโ€™s 12 Days South Korean Random Reviewโ€™. ๐Ÿ˜€ I am a person without a complex table manner or etiquette, so that … Continue reading Thought on the Road; One Nice Manner

Craving Samgyeopsal

Oh, I am craving samgyeopsal (์‚ผ๊ฒน์‚ด)ย now. It seems to me, being in a group of people who like Korean food brings both good and bad effects. The good thing is the whole information about food that I have received, including those best deals. In other hand, it also becomes the bad effects; my entire day is always full of seducing food which makes me craving … Continue reading Craving Samgyeopsal

A Glimpse of Neneโ€™ Bilong’s Rambu Solo

Before deciding to share about this, I was eager to continue posting my South Korea trip, but I was lack of idea about how to write it, I share a glimpse of Rambu Solo (funeral ceremony) of my late grandfather (from my late momโ€™s side) instead. The ceremony was held in July 2010, about more than half year after he was gone. Since I am … Continue reading A Glimpse of Neneโ€™ Bilong’s Rambu Solo

Pulau Gusung, Derawan Islands, East Borneo

So, our last island to be visited in Derawan Archipelago that time was Pulau Gusung (Gusung Island) or Pulau Gosong (Burnt Island). On our way, the boat driver asked us not to put our hope to high for spending longer time at Gusung Island because it was highly influenced by the sea tidal. Our driver worried it was already high tide. That worrisome, it also … Continue reading Pulau Gusung, Derawan Islands, East Borneo