The Empty Streets of Granada

Agree or disagree, one of various things that could affect the beautiful visual of a city is its street; its cleanness, decoration, and also influenced by the rows of buildings on both sides of the street. It was Sunday morning when I reached the center city of Granada after having two and half hours bus ride from Lobras, about 90 km southeastward. On the weekend, … Continue reading The Empty Streets of Granada

The Faces of Shibuya

When you pay a visit to Tokyo, I think a stop to Shibuya would be hardly avoided. Shibuya Crossing is hardly separated from Shibuya itself, however, there is much more to enjoy in Shibuya than its extremely popular and populated crossing and Hachiko statue. Below are few pictures about Shibuya that I frequently visit at afternoon or night. Tsutaya Bookstore Now, I bravely claim that … Continue reading The Faces of Shibuya

Love on the Road (I): The One Who Stays the Strongest!

He came out strong! Without the basic courtesy, he started the conversation with a strong question that succeeded to make my mouth stretched inches wider than its usual maximum stretch. I was hesitated to answer his questions at first since it was one of types that I usually avoided to have with just anyone whom I just met. However, he was patiently waiting for me. … Continue reading Love on the Road (I): The One Who Stays the Strongest!

7 Possible Ways to Enjoy La Alpujarra

As I mentioned on my previous post, La Alpujarra offers various ways of making my long and thrilling journey is worth taking. I might not be able to do all of it; however, on my own list, at least there are 7 possible ways to make a trip to La Alpujarra is enjoyable. Go white Wondering around the wide or narrow lanes of each small white … Continue reading 7 Possible Ways to Enjoy La Alpujarra

A Glimpse of La Alpujarra, Andalusia

I’ve been in few places for this last one year. The most I’ve ever had so far. Let me count it; I’ve visited South Korea twice, Japan once, North Sumatra, Aceh, and Flores, also gone forth and back to South Borneo – East Borneo – Jakarta – Bandung (bragging here?!). Whole trips were in less than 12 months. I wanted to share each place’s stories, … Continue reading A Glimpse of La Alpujarra, Andalusia

My 6 Picks of Sokcho’s Food

It’s food’s time. Yes, I cannot leave this place food-less. 😀 Various reasons have driven people came to Sokco, one of which is its signature dishes. I met few Korean who lived outside Sokcho and came to the city only for its food. There even these guys who didn’t go to any ‘attraction’ spots in the city, but few restaurants, only to try Sokcho’s signature … Continue reading My 6 Picks of Sokcho’s Food