Love on the Road (I): The One Who Stays the Strongest!

He came out strong! Without the basic courtesy, he started the conversation with a strong question that succeeded to make my mouth stretched inches wider than its usual maximum stretch. I was hesitated to answer his questions at first since it was one of types that I usually avoided to have with just anyone whom I just met. However, he was patiently waiting for me. … Continue reading Love on the Road (I): The One Who Stays the Strongest!

Statistic That Matters

Speaking about blogging, there is one thing that I love doing each time I log in to my so beloved blog’s account; Little Orange World, seeing the statistic. Intentionally or un-intentionally, seeing the statistic is the first thing happens. I don’t deny it though for it’s the first page that appears in before my eyes. Each time, the first thing that appears off all will … Continue reading Statistic That Matters

Blogger Recognition Award

Yeah, another chained award just sparked orange notification board on the upper right of my blog’s corner. When I saw “award”, I already thought of describing few things either about my blog or me and then searching few other bloggers that I wanted to share the award with. I’ve never turned any awards down, even though the award didn’t sound like an award such as … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

I Shall Dance Along and Continue the Dance

The time flies really fast, without realizing. On this day, exactly a year ago, i introduced myself to blogosphere, and that time this simple blog was started. I didn’t have any idea about this blog theme at first, and I still don’t have any specific theme until today. It just i like to share everything that i thing not bad to share, happy things. First … Continue reading I Shall Dance Along and Continue the Dance

Dragon’s Loyalty Award; Daebak!!! I’m a Nominee \^0^/

Wow, Daebak, Amazing, Gak Nyangka!!!!! I’ve been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by Terry . I’ve been in this blogging-world for four months. I really enjoy blogging and its accessories. Honestly, I don’t know what me and my blog are; to deserved this award and what is this award all about, but by its tittles, I’m really honored and fill with joy that I … Continue reading Dragon’s Loyalty Award; Daebak!!! I’m a Nominee \^0^/