Layover in Teheran, Iran

Reading through my little steps stories around the Archipelago or abroad makes me realize that I frequently shared bright sides of travelling. The bright sides were also my honest feeling during or after travelling, however some stories were kept untold. … Continue reading Layover in Teheran, Iran

Statistic That Matters

Speaking about blogging, there is one thing that I love doing each time I log in to my so beloved blog’s account; Little Orange World, seeing the statistic. Intentionally or un-intentionally, seeing the statistic is the first thing happens. I don’t deny it though for it’s the first page that appears in before my eyes. Each time, the first thing that appears off all will always be my-fluctuated-at low-level-stick-diagram. It doesn’t really matter for me, even though I sometimes happy if there’s a high spike or two in between. The things that I intentionally see are the flags of country, … Continue reading Statistic That Matters

Blogger Recognition Award

Yeah, another chained award just sparked orange notification board on the upper right of my blog’s corner. When I saw “award”, I already thought of describing few things either about my blog or me and then searching few other bloggers that I wanted to share the award with. I’ve never turned any awards down, even though the award didn’t sound like an award such as “The Noisy Girl” or “The Singer” that I received when my high school’s friends and I were playing award. So, I won’t turn down this Blogger Recognition Award either. First, thanks to a travel lover … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

I Shall Dance Along and Continue the Dance

The time flies really fast, without realizing. On this day, exactly a year ago, i introduced myself to blogosphere, and that time this simple blog was started. I didn’t have any idea about this blog theme at first, and I still don’t have any specific theme until today. It just i like to share everything that i thing not bad to share, happy things. First thing i do, every time i log in to my blog is check the statistic, it’s kind of addictive. I like to know what article people like the most, where are they come from, how … Continue reading I Shall Dance Along and Continue the Dance