Statistic That Matters

Speaking about blogging, there is one thing that I love doing each time I log in to my so beloved blog’s account; Little Orange World, seeing the statistic. Intentionally or un-intentionally, seeing the statistic is the first thing happens. I don’t deny it though for it’s the first page that appears in before my eyes. Each time, the first thing that appears off all will always be my-fluctuated-at low-level-stick-diagram. It doesn’t really matter for me, even though I sometimes happy if there’s a high spike or two in between. The things that I intentionally see are the flags of country, … Continue reading Statistic That Matters

Blogger Recognition Award

Yeah, another chained award just sparked orange notification board on the upper right of my blog’s corner. When I saw “award”, I already thought of describing few things either about my blog or me and then searching few other bloggers that I wanted to share the award with. I’ve never turned any awards down, even though the award didn’t sound like an award such as “The Noisy Girl” or “The Singer” that I received when my high school’s friends and I were playing award. So, I won’t turn down this Blogger Recognition Award either. First, thanks to a travel lover … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

I Shall Dance Along and Continue the Dance

The time flies really fast, without realizing. On this day, exactly a year ago, i introduced myself to blogosphere, and that time this simple blog was started. I didn’t have any idea about this blog theme at first, and I still don’t have any specific theme until today. It just i like to share everything that i thing not bad to share, happy things. First thing i do, every time i log in to my blog is check the statistic, it’s kind of addictive. I like to know what article people like the most, where are they come from, how … Continue reading I Shall Dance Along and Continue the Dance

Dragon’s Loyalty Award; Daebak!!! I’m a Nominee \^0^/

Wow, Daebak, Amazing, Gak Nyangka!!!!! I’ve been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by Terry . I’ve been in this blogging-world for four months. I really enjoy blogging and its accessories. Honestly, I don’t know what me and my blog are; to deserved this award and what is this award all about, but by its tittles, I’m really honored and fill with joy that I got one and this is my first award. This is really something that could fire me up. Whatever, I’m happy. For Terry who nominated me, thank you. From her wonderful and full of inspiring posts, … Continue reading Dragon’s Loyalty Award; Daebak!!! I’m a Nominee \^0^/