BA Reading Challenge 2013 Review

Maybe this post is too late, but I think it’s better than never, and I really want to do this because I had been following the challenge at 2013, I have to close it nicely right now. Honestly I didn’t know how to wrap up the challenge, so I made a statistic of my reading for fun on my excel worksheet. It looked like I caught two birds with one stone; made something for post and as a disguise for wasting working hours (bad employee, here). When I finished the statistic I was confused myself because it’s too random, I … Continue reading BA Reading Challenge 2013 Review

The Khekarian Threat – FREE on Kindle – limited time.

Originally posted on Bloodstone Sci Fi:
It’s a sci-fi adventure in a colonizing world, with a touch of occult, erotica, sex, violence, humor and coarse language – Stephen doesn’t have time for psychics, he doesn’t believe in them, he only brought Aleisha into his team so he could sell her to the two Khekarians all but ruling it – at 17 years old, Aleisha doesn’t have the training to see it coming, and she’s not that kind of seer, anyway – Sturn, meanwhile, is an exiled Khekarian Prince determined to return to power using whatever means necessary, be it with… Continue reading The Khekarian Threat – FREE on Kindle – limited time.

My Childhood bookshelves

Searching any idea for my blog, I google-ed October, and then I found that England celebrate first week of October as Children’s Book Week. Finally I came up with idea of writing about my favourite literature when I was child. I, myself love the idea since I pity my younger generation (especially my niece, nephew, and my younger cousins). They don’t enjoy reading any kinds of book (even comic) as I enjoyed them back then. They were really into gadgets. Once I gave books as my niece birthday’s gift, but the seal has not been disclosed since then. How sad … Continue reading My Childhood bookshelves

Random Reads

Hi, i think it has been so long time since my last post about book, reading, and something close to it. I just accepted another reading challenge. it’s called Random Read which is hosted by Sarah of I’m Loving Books. it’s quite interesting because we choose a book randomly to be read within month we follow the challenge. So, Yuna, me who love challenge, I’m joining it for this August. these how to follow the challenge; f you’re on Goodreads enable sorting to your to-read shelf (you should see numbers next to each book now). Go to and type … Continue reading Random Reads

The Lost Boy – Dave Pelzer (Review)

The Lost Boy – Dave Pelzer Published by Gramedia Indonesia, 340 pages, True Story Being free from her mother torture didn’t mean David’s life had been getting much easier. New obstacles right in front of young David. As he had been trying so hard to free his body, mind, and soul from his mother torture, David had to adapt well with the new environment; for receiving what a new environment offered and to be received by that new environment as well. It wasn’t easy because David never had been in such environment, he had no any idea how did it … Continue reading The Lost Boy – Dave Pelzer (Review)

A Child Called “It” – Dave Pelzer (Review)

A Child Called “It” – Dave Pelzer Published by Gramedia Indonesia, 168 pages, True Story Generally, a family adores a child presence so much and childhood is something that we really love to, but it so much different from what David Pelzer thought and experienced. In this first book of David Pelzer’s true stories trilogy, David tells his life from 4 – 12 years old, where he had been brutally abused by his mother. David tells how hard he had been trying to obey her mother in order to free him from all of unreasonable tortures and to get his … Continue reading A Child Called “It” – Dave Pelzer (Review)

The Chamber – John Grisham (Review)

 (1996, 676 pages) Chamber, a narrow octagonal shaped room, eight feet by fifteen wide with a chair in the middle added with a gas tube in the bottom, part of square red-brick building attached to the southwest corner of Maximum Security Unit with two white metals doors without windows. That chamber room was waiting for prisoner who had sentenced to death, a capital punishment. And one of them was a white man; Sam Cayhall, a racist old man, a father and grandfather, Ku Klux Klan member. Sam Cayhal was a brilliant, bright, and cold hearted man that could learn something … Continue reading The Chamber – John Grisham (Review)

Chicken Soup for the Sister’s Soul (Review)

Taking a deep breath, collecting all my brave!!! Honestly i’m not kind of one who love to make a review for a book. Like i’ve written so many times, i really read a book for fun, even it is a comic, novel, or a literature. Beside that, i’m bad at writing :p. I never talked deeply about any book, or sharing what books contain. Absolutely not me. But, i already promised to myself for reading book seriously without leaving its fun. So here my first review. Some facts about this book; first, i got this book from  my sister about … Continue reading Chicken Soup for the Sister’s Soul (Review)

Challenge Accepted; BA’s 2013 Off the Shelf Reading Challenge!!!

Yosh!!!, i just accepted BA’s 2013 Off the Shelf Reading Challenge!!! that held by bookishardour. I’m really looking forward how can i fulfill it . i’m interested following this because the background really me. My bookshelves full of the books i haven’t read maybe since 2 years ago or longer. so this is will be interesting. i will take the trying level, its #2 Trying level, choose 15 books to read, if i can pass this level i will upgrade my level (if only, ^_^). This is the five levels they have; Challenge Levels Tempted– Choose 5 books to read Trying … Continue reading Challenge Accepted; BA’s 2013 Off the Shelf Reading Challenge!!!