Pulau Gusung, Derawan Islands, East Borneo

So, our last island to be visited in Derawan Archipelago that time was Pulau Gusung (Gusung Island) or Pulau Gosong (Burnt Island). On our way, the boat driver asked us not to put our hope to high for spending longer time at Gusung Island because it was highly influenced by the sea tidal. Our driver worried it was already high tide. That worrisome, it also made me worry. Ehm. In about one hour later, the worrisome gradually washed away as we saw something like a long white line between the bright blue sky and the aquamarine sea. We were quite … Continue reading Pulau Gusung, Derawan Islands, East Borneo

Sangalaki Island, Derawan Island, East Borneo

Leaving the stingless jellyfishes and my first snorkeling experience behind, we were speeding up to the next island, Sangalaki. Yes, holiday in Derawan Islands meant hopping from one to another island. I have no idea exactly how far Sangalaki island from Kakaban, but it’s located at the western part of Kakaban island, and we reached it in about 30 minutes with the speed boot. From various testimonials all around the blog and any other media, Sangalaki is one of diving paradise. There are few diving spot. As what I saw in Wikipedia. Sangalaki and its diving spots: Channel Entrance Coral … Continue reading Sangalaki Island, Derawan Island, East Borneo

Playing with the Jellyfishes in Kakaban

Let’s drop the talk about South Korea for now. I feel like sharing about Kakaban, which I visited on July 2015. Ah, it was a year ago. We held this family trip to Derawan Islands due to school’s holidays. All of the home’s members were joined the trip, except my oldest niece because she had her own interest. A teenager’s issue when spending time with friends were much better than family. We needed about an hour from the main island (Derawan Island) to Kakaban. For me, it was the longest one hour speed boat ride that I’d ever took because … Continue reading Playing with the Jellyfishes in Kakaban

My Blue-scaping; Pulau Beras Basah

Suddenly the need of the blue runs through my blood’s stream, and speaking of blue, it reminds me about beach, and here I am, on my desk, remembering one of my blue-scaping close to Sangatta, where my family live. It’s called Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island) which lies at Makassar Strait, about 60 km at the southern part of Sangatta. It’s such a peculiar name, isn’t it? My sister told me that the name was derived from how this small artificial island did look like a wet pile of rice for being surrounded by the sea (strait actually). There … Continue reading My Blue-scaping; Pulau Beras Basah

Every Cloud Has Its Story, I Mean Its Story about Mine

You must not blame me if I do talk to the clouds. -Henry David Thoreau Yesterday, I found the sky was grey; it wasn’t showing a “rainy” cloud, just simply cloudy which covered the luminescent, traces, and smell of sunlight. As though it mesmerized into my sadness that I had been feeling since I woke up.  Seeing that, my aching heart was getting better because it accompanied me, accompanied my sadness. I Thanked God for that. That was not the first time I felt that way about the universe, especially the sky, as though it came and joined my emotion. … Continue reading Every Cloud Has Its Story, I Mean Its Story about Mine