Beautiful Legacy

When I arrived at home on my field break about a month ago, I saw my mom’s flowers had been blooming one by one, day by day, beautifully,and somehow, I had no option, but recalled my memories about mom. Those memories, which also brought back all my unspoken regret. There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real. Ah, if only I could turn back the time… Engkau pergi dengan membawa kepingan hatiku Meskipun hanya bagian kecil, aku terluka karenanya. -Loph, Ew- Kintap, … Continue reading Beautiful Legacy

Sudden Calling

How does it feel to be called by your dad in your most stressful and hectic day? I just want to write this. My beloved dad just called me three hours ago. I was so busy and focusing on my monitor when his calling appeared on my phone’s screen. It was unusual because we usually call each other at evening or night after my working hour, so at first I frowned while looking at my phone, then I was panic. Why was I panic? Since my mom’s accident that took her away from me about 5 years ago, all unusual … Continue reading Sudden Calling

Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy (belated) birthday, Day! I wish you more years, happiness, and healthiness to come, so we can make so much more good moments. I (selfishly) wish you keep being strong for whatever bad times that might come up on your path. I wish you never let your hope down for whatever the bad times your children might facing someday because you care about us too much. Dad, it’s really hard to find the words to say how much i love you for whatever you are, how grateful i am (and i think all of your children) to have a father … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Dad

Hurriedly Singapore; First Time Abroad

Singapore, ehm, i just read about its tourism news in relation with my country, although news that i will tell a little bit late, it is said that based on Singapore Tourism Board, at 2011, Indonesia ranked first as country who visited Singapore the most, about 2,5 million tourists, followed by China at second with 1,5 million, and Malaysia at third. I thought about it, their population just 5,312,400 million, 47% of their population, wow, i think that’s an amazing number. Almost half of their population. I just imagined how dense it was. Mmmmm. And, here we are, me and … Continue reading Hurriedly Singapore; First Time Abroad

Homielicious; Home Flavour, Sincerity and Love Spices

Speaking of Christmas season (again???!!!) and being …about 785 kilometers away from home…reminds me (again) everything about home and my family (I’m really a single family girl). Here some of my family recipes that I miss so much when I’m being separated from that tiny but cozy home. Its an ordinary food added with an extraordinary spices, i just feel it extraordinary because they make it especially for me while i’m home.. I can feel they pour out all of their love and sincerity while making it…yess, i call it home flavor (mmmm,,,i think I’m exaggerating now -_-). “Dining with … Continue reading Homielicious; Home Flavour, Sincerity and Love Spices

Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

The fire is burning The room’s all aglow Outside the December wind blows Away in the distance The carolers sing in the snow Everybody’s laughing The world is celebrating And everyone’s so happy Except for me tonight Because… I miss you Most at Christmas time And I can’t get you Get you off my mind Every other season comes along And I’m all right But then I miss you Most at Christmas time Mariah Carey – Miss you Most (At Christmas Time) Yess after struggling so hard with the topic that would i post at this just ordinary girl blog, … Continue reading Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)