Food Fiesta in Yamashinden, Nagano

Another multicultural family happened to be my host in Yamashinden, Watauchi Wakaho, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. It was a quite unique experience. I tasted two unique life style, included food preferences under one roof. In morning, I always stuffed my stomach with those sugar-overloaded English breakfasts following the preference of the husband, which mostly the same with tea times and snacking cheat times outside. Meanwhile, lunch … Continue reading Food Fiesta in Yamashinden, Nagano

One Last Night in Yamashinden

Have I written here that I continued doing HelpX even in Japan? Have I told you it was at one tiny hilly village named Yamashinden, which I first acknowledged the area from the profile of my future host? Have I written here that one of numerous things I loved about Nagano was the food? Okay, it doesn’t matter because I assure that I have written … Continue reading One Last Night in Yamashinden

My 6 Picks of Sokcho’s Food

It’s food’s time. Yes, I cannot leave this place food-less. 😀 Various reasons have driven people came to Sokco, one of which is its signature dishes. I met few Korean who lived outside Sokcho and came to the city only for its food. There even these guys who didn’t go to any ‘attraction’ spots in the city, but few restaurants, only to try Sokcho’s signature … Continue reading My 6 Picks of Sokcho’s Food

Dan Bandung Bagiku…

Mengutip penggalan kalimat di salah satu buku Pidi Baiq yang sangat popular dikalangan penggemarnya dan juga penduduk Bandung, mereka yang lahir di Bandung, atau saja mereka yang pernah tinggal di Bandung sepertiku, dan bisa juga mereka yang pernah menjengguk Bandung walau sebentar namun sebagian hatinya tertinggal di sana. Selalu ada rasa yang spesial buat Bandung bagiku. Kemanapun aku melangkah, selalu saja ada yang menarikku untuk … Continue reading Dan Bandung Bagiku…