Food Fiesta in Yamashinden, Nagano

Another multicultural family happened to be my host in Yamashinden, Watauchi Wakaho, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. It was a quite unique experience. I tasted two unique life style, included food preferences under one roof. In morning, I always stuffed my stomach … Continue reading Food Fiesta in Yamashinden, Nagano

Craving Samgyeopsal

Oh, I am craving samgyeopsal (삼겹살) now. It seems to me, being in a group of people who like Korean food brings both good and bad effects. The good thing is the whole information about food that I have received, including those best deals. In other hand, it also becomes the bad effects; my entire day is always full of seducing food which makes me craving it. Oh. And the worst case is, I can’t have it all now. I write one of them instead. *I will write it one by one though* Please bear it. 😀 ❤ Now, let’s have … Continue reading Craving Samgyeopsal

A Perfect Match: Rain and Noodle

I don’t know about you, but for me, when the rain is pouring down, all I could think is noodle; hot and watery noodle. That’s one of my guilty comfort food. I though it would only be my comfort food in Indonesia, but it also happened be one while I was in Seoul. I remember that I came to this place on my way to Dongdaemun from Hanok Bukchon Village in Seoul. It was raining. I passed this small restaurant. From the outer, it didn’t look like a stall with a space for customer to sit and enjoy the meals. … Continue reading A Perfect Match: Rain and Noodle