Sangalaki Island, Derawan Island, East Borneo

Leaving the stingless jellyfishes and my first snorkeling experience behind, we were speeding up to the next island, Sangalaki. Yes, holiday in Derawan Islands meant hopping from one to another island. I have no idea exactly how far Sangalaki island from Kakaban, but it’s located at the western part of Kakaban island, and we reached it in about 30 minutes with the speed boot. From various testimonials all around the blog and any other media, Sangalaki is one of diving paradise. There are few diving spot. As what I saw in Wikipedia. Sangalaki and its diving spots: Channel Entrance Coral … Continue reading Sangalaki Island, Derawan Island, East Borneo

A Perfect Match: Rain and Noodle

I don’t know about you, but for me, when the rain is pouring down, all I could think is noodle; hot and watery noodle. That’s one of my guilty comfort food. I though it would only be my comfort food in Indonesia, but it also happened be one while I was in Seoul. I remember that I came to this place on my way to Dongdaemun from Hanok Bukchon Village in Seoul. It was raining. I passed this small restaurant. From the outer, it didn’t look like a stall with a space for customer to sit and enjoy the meals. … Continue reading A Perfect Match: Rain and Noodle

Reading Lately

Lately, my willingness to read is decreasing significantly. I’ve made target reading at least 25 book this year and I am 6 books behind this far. I’ve bought plenty of books since early 2016, however few of them are left dusted. I brought it forth and back to my house-camp each time I got my field break, and until this moment, it’s all left untouched. So, I write this post, which is dedicated to my sleeping-reading-mood. I wish this could be a booster to my reading mood. You might have a clue that my knowledge of author and book is … Continue reading Reading Lately

Saturday Morning in Hongdae

Let me stop imaging what happened in Hongdae on Friday night, as the Seoulites festively welcoming the weekends. I spent a whole night in Hongdae once and it seems too hard to forget, especially when each Friday morning I’ve received the notification to celebrate it from Seoul’s couchsurfing group since a month ago. It’s kind of notification that makes me even harder now to forget my memories of South Korea. After the busy notification and hailing since Thursday night, Friday morning, until the due time, the crowd of chatting group would be finally replaced by the stream of pictures and … Continue reading Saturday Morning in Hongdae

7 Amusing Things I did at Ihwa Mural Village, Seoul

Got through restoration for about 14 years, Ihwa Mural Village has been one of shining tourist destinations in Seoul since it finished in 2010. It attracts both local and non-local tourist to come and mostly enjoy the scattered murals which were painted on the wall of residents’ houses. As someone who lately has her sense of art showed more (ignore this, this is an hallow bragging though), I also became one of those tourists who flocked and enjoyed all of those murals. I wrote before that I only had the destination’s name in my mind; I had no specific idea … Continue reading 7 Amusing Things I did at Ihwa Mural Village, Seoul

That First Time in Festive Osaka

Ah, four days has passed since I last posted about my first trip to Japan. I promised myself to write it every day. This simple self-promised might be a small matter for the others, but for me, this is as simple as having my own vow broken. 😥 Finally we come to my last day in Osaka. Let’s wrap it in once post since I’ve already written about Osaka few times. When my travel mates and I were in the waiting room of Kansai International Airport, Osaka, we came to a really simple conclusion about three Japan’s tourist main destination … Continue reading That First Time in Festive Osaka

First Time in Enchanting Kyoto

I like Kyoto for its nice balance of culture, natural beauties, and modernization.  I once said that one day was not enough to explore the whole richness Kyoto could offer, but it could be sufficient to have a bit taste each of it. On one day trotting around Kyoto, I had my own note for these five things. Shrines and temples Kyoto is known as city with thousands temple and shrines. When I first arrived in Kyoto, I took a map especially spotted only temples and shrines in entire city. I thought that no matter how long I visited Kyoto, … Continue reading First Time in Enchanting Kyoto

Collaboration Little Orange World X With YooRi

Happy Friday! \^0^/ Let’s have fun more. I’m doing a collaboration post with YooRi of With YooRi. We are celebrating her getting 100 followers and being accepted by two different universities (congratulation again, cool girl). I’ve been following her blog for months. I enjoy it. She mostly shares about anything out of my league like fashion, cosmetics, travel, and sometimes her life in general. I don’t understand well anything related to cosmetic, I only use sunscreen, face powder, and lip balm for my daily staples, however her detail yet easy to understand way of reviewing is interesting and refreshing. So what this … Continue reading Collaboration Little Orange World X With YooRi

Asakusa, Akiba, and Shinjuku at First Time

No, I didn’t procrastinate this post. I got my day off yesterday, so I had no good internet connection. 😥 April 28th, 2013 Our last day in Tokyo before heading to next city, Kyoto. I have posted two pictures below before; however, I’m not over it. Asakusa, 10:20 a.m Meeting up the cuteness promise, while travelling around Tokyo, it was really easy to find anything that awakened whether the cuteness inside each of us or our playful sides. Akiba, 12.24 a.m Does anyone here know what are they doing? Found this in Akihabara, they eyes were all stuck on their gadgets. I … Continue reading Asakusa, Akiba, and Shinjuku at First Time

Shinsekai, Osaka

This post will be about me and Shinsekai, and will  be… a little bit narcissistic. 😀 Shinsekai is one popular tourist destination in Tennoji Area, Osaka, in spite of its lack of safety issue. The issue I couldn’t affirmed, whether it was true or just rumor because as far as I remembered, I’ve never felt that way. I’ve visited Shinsekai twice and I had never even once faced the safety issue. All I’ve ever felt was the excitement while walking from one lane to another. I think it was really hard to be in bad mood while in Shinsekai area, … Continue reading Shinsekai, Osaka

Oh Sydney

Time does fly really fast might sound cliché, but it’s true somehow. It has been three years since my trip to Sydney. When I first came back from Sydney, I promised myself (agaiiinnnn, Yuna?) to post the entire story of my trip, even to the point that would make people get sick of it. But, as you can see on my wall, I just posted one story about Sydney, and I have never written anything since then. I think I’m the one who gets sick of writing it, even before making the readers sick of reading it. That’s my classic … Continue reading Oh Sydney