In Life, about Tribulations and Happiness

Please pardon me for taking a break from my Seoul trip and posting another worrisome here. This is caused by an issue that has been tickling my mind and my fingers for these past few days. It’s related to what my friend spilled here, and it strengthens by someone whom I just met few weeks ago unintentionally, and later we frequently share some short conversations. Our first conversation was first happened because of my misunderstanding toward him. The second conversation happened because I felt sorry for my misunderstanding. And then the third conversation happened naturally, and it continues. We have … Continue reading In Life, about Tribulations and Happiness

Short Story of My Trip to South Korea

After arriving back to Indonesia from my South Korea trip, I’ve got a lot of question about my itinerary and budget. It might be caused by my (seemed interesting) holiday pictures that I’d posted all around my social media. Honestly speaking, I didn’t get many places to see for 10 days there, so I’ve only answered that I didn’t have many suggestion, but stories. If only they wanted to hear it, but I didn’t think they would. I think I could publish at least two books for those stories (joke). 😀 😀 I might be changing the way of my … Continue reading Short Story of My Trip to South Korea

First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tokyo Station

A bit different with the last three years when I promised myself to write in each travel anniversary, this time I’ll grab the moment and write every single day until my last time in Japan, which means I’ll write continuously for the next 5 days. If the first day was memorable simply for it was first, my second day was memorable because few things which are worth remembering. We were quite active on that day. We started since early on the morning, visited few different types of attraction; Tokyo Imperial Palace, Kawaguchi-machi which is one of the most popular Tokyo’s … Continue reading First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tokyo Station

That One Person

In life, there are one or two people that you love sharing anything about life, whether it’s your downs or ups. The type of person that makes you easy pouring anything, or let’s simplify this; the person who prefers giving ears to any of your problems and mistakes that (honestly) you already realized to being your judge (we already have so many judges in our live, though). That type of person whose arms are hurriedly reaching you when you fall. That type of person whose hug is able to wrap your wounded heart. That type of person who would rather … Continue reading That One Person

Patung Tuhan Yesus Memberkati, Makale

I like the sound of blessing, I like speaking of blessing, I like the blessings, I like to be blessed everyday, and I like it more to be someone else blessing, everyday. That’s why I like the name of this new icon of Makale; Patung Tuhan Yesus Memberkati more than the fantastic price of constructing this ambitious icon and how tall it is. It covers the whole area of Makale city. I hope the name of this statue becomes everyday pray of Makale residents and its surrounding. And… Happy Passed-over. He’s alive, so we could live. Continue reading Patung Tuhan Yesus Memberkati, Makale

Hi December

I just want to greet this last month of the year and share few updates. 😀 simply because the animated snow has appeared on my blog. Has autumn come to an end in the Northern Hemisphere? this picture was taken in spring 2013 though If it’s true, I would be upset because I haven’t updated anything about my one and only autumn experience last year. 😐Ehm, few updates; I’m alive. I’m healthy, I’m an unemployed, my contract just ended, I left South Kalimantan about two weeks ago, and I’m waiting for a new start right after new year. And I’m … Continue reading Hi December

A Glimpse of Hakone

Three days ago, I got an opened love letter from one of my best friends, Neng Uchan. She tagged me a picture of Mount Fuji which was beautifully taken from Hakone. Both Mount Fuji and Hakone have a special place, somewhere in my heart. Back to the call, it was a sweet reminder of our first anniversary trip to Hakone. Yeaaaahhh \^0^/ (clapping my own hand for my own achievement). Even though we just spent a night there and it didn’t work as what we had planned before, I still had few good memories about it (I do hope this … Continue reading A Glimpse of Hakone

How Can I Forget You, Sydney?

No woman should have a memory. Memory in a woman is the beginning of dowdiness, said Lord Illingworth. –Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde- I was a little bit annoyed while reading that line in Wilde’s book, but now, I think I gradually become dull. So Sydney, in order to stop thinking about you and I become really really out-of-date because of these-so-yesterday-Sydney-stories, let’s accomplish everything here! In one post. So, here we are on my fifth day in Sydney. That was my most lazy time while in Sydney. After bidding our (temporary) goodbye, I didn’t feel like strolling … Continue reading How Can I Forget You, Sydney?

My Blue-scaping; Pulau Beras Basah

Suddenly the need of the blue runs through my blood’s stream, and speaking of blue, it reminds me about beach, and here I am, on my desk, remembering one of my blue-scaping close to Sangatta, where my family live. It’s called Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island) which lies at Makassar Strait, about 60 km at the southern part of Sangatta. It’s such a peculiar name, isn’t it? My sister told me that the name was derived from how this small artificial island did look like a wet pile of rice for being surrounded by the sea (strait actually). There … Continue reading My Blue-scaping; Pulau Beras Basah

What Song Are You Listening to?

Life is a journey, Not a destination, There are no mistakes, Just chances we’ve taken Lay down your regrets cause all we have is now Wake up in the morning And get out of bed Start making a mental list in my head Of all of the things that I am grateful for… The excerpts from “A Beautiful Day” by India Arie that lately I love to sing along almost every morning. If you were like me, you might also have your own song and procedure to start a day, especially at office. Mine usually start with entering office with … Continue reading What Song Are You Listening to?

The Scent of Autumn of Arashiyama

When I was planning my trip to Japan for autumn 2014, I was really attracted by any foliage colour of autumn. All the websites, blogs, and brochures that I’d read during preparation were showing how beautiful the colour of autumn of Japan would be. So, I set my heart and my mind for enjoying any trees leaves changing during that moment. My thought about the beauty of autumn leaves was lingered on until I found out the truth when I arrived at Hakone at the southern of Tokyo. When I first saw the scenery, I was perplexed. At that moment … Continue reading The Scent of Autumn of Arashiyama