Something to be Grateful for

A few things that I should have been grateful for a long time ago… I’m grateful for having a very understanding sister. She who always has supportive attitude toward all of my dream and my step. She who always has her time and ears ready to hear my entire trashy story. She who always laugh when I’m laughing, cries over my sadness, hugs me on my hardship, or sometimes laughs over my stupidity and angry over my silly sadness. I’m grateful for her just being there. I’m grateful for having my family who have shaped me as I am. I’m … Continue reading Something to be Grateful for

Celebrating Blogging (Half Moments of 2014)

July My healthy month. Due to a severe back pain that got me at that July, I was living my life healthily by taking walk leisurely each evening around my neighborhood, and I also enjoyed reading book on this month. I wish I could do those things every month. August Yeah, one of my most favorite time of the year. Month of celebration. We celebrated our best friend decision to share his life with someone he loves for the rest of his life, we joyfully celebrated that he was the first one to have that decision. We celebrate our friendship. … Continue reading Celebrating Blogging (Half Moments of 2014)

Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy (belated) birthday, Day! I wish you more years, happiness, and healthiness to come, so we can make so much more good moments. I (selfishly) wish you keep being strong for whatever bad times that might come up on your path. I wish you never let your hope down for whatever the bad times your children might facing someday because you care about us too much. Dad, it’s really hard to find the words to say how much i love you for whatever you are, how grateful i am (and i think all of your children) to have a father … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Dad

Beautiful Little Things

When the positive attitude comes and greets me, I think I suddenly become the brightest person in the world, I have a sweet smile on my face, I greets everyone that I meet cheerfully, even to those a*s*ol*s who threw their cigarette’s ash and their food plastics wrap on my work’s desk yesterday, I wouldn’t mind every harsh joke that been thrown at me, I talk softly to my work partner who often hides any work related conversation with our boss from me until the main meeting comes and then makes me look like a moron who doesn’t even care … Continue reading Beautiful Little Things

Defining My Own Happiness

Happiness is something i always pursuit  the state that i always maintain to be. I talk to myself day by day, case by case that everything will be so much plain without happiness in it, everything I do will be wasted without happiness, without joy, but as far as I concern, the thing doesn’t work the way I want it to be, not always,  so happiness is not as easy as it might seems, never be that easy, so that’s why i have to work it my way, and one thing I’ve learned from yesterday; when life is getting hard, … Continue reading Defining My Own Happiness

Give Thanks and That’s All!

I think i just passed what i called a little bit bitter life. I “think” there are so many things that went wrong. Things that I think are not right, not the way I wanted it to be. Bitter, disappointed, down, upset, and hollow. I thought the ground where my feet lie was shaking and I lost my strength and my struggling spirit was gone.  But one day, when I was about too loose my hope and my faith, I heard this song beautifully sung by the fellowship at my cousin’s place. He was held a give thanks fellowship of … Continue reading Give Thanks and That’s All!

Another Challenge is Accepted: Turnamen Foto Perjalanan Ronde 16

This is my first photograph contest, it held by Trip to Trip. I’m not even suit to be categorized as an amateur nor a beginner photographer. But I encouraged myself to join this contest.  Not because I’m confidence with my photograph or start to believe of having a little bit sense of it. I just love the theme that contest offers; travel and escapism. And this is my picture. I think there is no professional reason for this picture. I was simply choosing that picture because I just want to introduce my travel companions since I choose “My Sweet Escape … Continue reading Another Challenge is Accepted: Turnamen Foto Perjalanan Ronde 16

Every Cloud Has Its Story, I Mean Its Story about Mine

You must not blame me if I do talk to the clouds. -Henry David Thoreau Yesterday, I found the sky was grey; it wasn’t showing a “rainy” cloud, just simply cloudy which covered the luminescent, traces, and smell of sunlight. As though it mesmerized into my sadness that I had been feeling since I woke up.  Seeing that, my aching heart was getting better because it accompanied me, accompanied my sadness. I Thanked God for that. That was not the first time I felt that way about the universe, especially the sky, as though it came and joined my emotion. … Continue reading Every Cloud Has Its Story, I Mean Its Story about Mine