How Can I Forget You, Sydney?

No woman should have a memory. Memory in a woman is the beginning of dowdiness, said Lord Illingworth. –Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde- I was a little bit annoyed while reading that line in Wilde’s book, but now, I think I gradually become dull. So Sydney, in order to stop thinking about you and I become really really out-of-date because of these-so-yesterday-Sydney-stories, let’s … Continue reading How Can I Forget You, Sydney?

My Blue-scaping; Pulau Beras Basah

Suddenly the need of the blue runs through my blood’s stream, and speaking of blue, it reminds me about beach, and here I am, on my desk, remembering one of my blue-scaping close to Sangatta, where my family live. It’s called Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island) which lies at Makassar Strait, about 60 km at the southern part of Sangatta. It’s such a peculiar … Continue reading My Blue-scaping; Pulau Beras Basah

7 Ups

Do you have a diary? Do you still keep writing on it? If you do, I wonder whether you were also like me who still have one, in this electronic dominated world. One of many things that I love to write on my diary is a meaningful excerpt or two or more which I randomly found. Sometimes, I wrote again the excerpts that I like … Continue reading 7 Ups

Menanti Senja di balik Wat Arun, Bangkok

Originally posted on Senang Senang Yuks:
Sudah lama sekali rasanya tidak bercerita tentang perjalanan kami di media ini. Tiba-tiba ingin bercerita tentang suatu senja di Bangkok, dalam perjalanan kami di awal tahun ini (gak terasa yah, sudah dipenghujung tahun). Cerita pertama kami dari perjalanan ke Bangkok mungkin diawali dengan hal yang tak menyenangkan, tentang beberapa penipuan yang kami alami, mungkin itu diawali dengan rasa terhina… Continue reading Menanti Senja di balik Wat Arun, Bangkok