Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy (belated) birthday, Day! I wish you more years, happiness, and healthiness to come, so we can make so much more good moments. I (selfishly) wish you keep being strong for whatever bad times that might come up on your path. I wish you never let your hope down for whatever the bad times your children might facing someday because you care about us too much. Dad, it’s really hard to find the words to say how much i love you for whatever you are, how grateful i am (and i think all of your children) to have a father … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Dad

I Did It, At Least

Yes, I did it, at least. I had had a long dream about my ideal one day off; it wasn’t perfectly the same as what I had been dreaming of, but almost. It wasn’t a big, amazing, or luxury idea either. It was a simple but wasn’t easy to fulfilled by me. I had been dreaming about a day off of laying my lazy body on a white sand isolated beach. It had to be an isolated one, I had to be alone. I had been imagining it with stock of my favourite books and snacks. Reading the whole book … Continue reading I Did It, At Least

Defining My Own Happiness

Happiness is something i always pursuit  the state that i always maintain to be. I talk to myself day by day, case by case that everything will be so much plain without happiness in it, everything I do will be wasted without happiness, without joy, but as far as I concern, the thing doesn’t work the way I want it to be, not always,  so happiness is not as easy as it might seems, never be that easy, so that’s why i have to work it my way, and one thing I’ve learned from yesterday; when life is getting hard, … Continue reading Defining My Own Happiness

Border by Border; Siem Reap, Bangkok, and Georgetown Part

So the story goes on and it still tells my most memorable moment in between.… …I don’t know where I’m going But i know where I’ve been… – Bon Jovi, Lost Highway – Land border passed; Cambodia (Siem Reap – Poipet) – Thailand (Aranya Prathet – Bangkok) When we hadn’t fully recovered from muscles strain, we had to move at the day after. We were moved from Siem Reap to Bangkok with a lot of troubles, pain, awe, and also stories which was included laughter. Warning: Don’t believe my smiling face in this picture. That was captured when we were … Continue reading Border by Border; Siem Reap, Bangkok, and Georgetown Part

Pieces of My Memory of Canberra

Another destination, another story, another memory, and I’m recollecting the scattered pieces of it. Long tunnel When we about to leave Sydney for Canberra, we passed a tunnel, my friend said that was a longest tunnel in Sydney. I forget what its name, and all I can remember is Ibam needed about 5 minutes to get us crossing the tunnel. It was suffocating for me, for being quite a long time in the darkness while moving. Not a good started for a first time travelling, but worth of experience. Lake George The roadsides from Sydney to Canberra really fed up … Continue reading Pieces of My Memory of Canberra

Random Sweet Escape to Banjarmasin, South Borneo

Have you ever had an eager to escape from something? Especially from routine, even though that routine is something you love to do? I’ve been in that condition so many times (guess I don’t love my job that much? Kekekekeke). A week ago, after spending 3 fierce days for asking a day off from my boss without informing my real reason for taking it (naughty employee), I made another escape and I called it a sweet escape and the place was Banjarmasin, South Borneo. I called it sweet escape because since 7 months ago, from the very first time I … Continue reading Random Sweet Escape to Banjarmasin, South Borneo

My Little Step in Life to Happiness

I do love an inspiring quotes and a motivational one and also i do love to take picture of my foot, my shoes. i don’t know why. i just find it interesting at first. but when i have a more spare time. i think deeper about those foot and shoes pictures. Maybe i am just being curious; am i taking the right way? does the path I’m following the one that God has planned for me? What will i do if this the wrong way? Could i turn back to the first step? and so much other questions. i don’t … Continue reading My Little Step in Life to Happiness