A Glimpse of Hakone

Three days ago, I got an opened love letter from one of my best friends, Neng Uchan. She tagged me a picture of Mount Fuji which was beautifully taken from Hakone. Both Mount Fuji and Hakone have a special place, somewhere in my heart. Back to the call, it was a sweet reminder of our first anniversary trip to Hakone. Yeaaaahhh \^0^/ (clapping my own hand for my own achievement). Even though we just spent a night there and it didn’t work as what we had planned before, I still had few good memories about it (I do hope this … Continue reading A Glimpse of Hakone

7 Ups

Do you have a diary? Do you still keep writing on it? If you do, I wonder whether you were also like me who still have one, in this electronic dominated world. One of many things that I love to write on my diary is a meaningful excerpt or two or more which I randomly found. Sometimes, I wrote again the excerpts that I like to the another paper, and then pasted it anywhere that I could easily see or read and one of it is like these (I forgot where did I find it); 7 ups Wake up!! Decide … Continue reading 7 Ups

Sudden Calling

How does it feel to be called by your dad in your most stressful and hectic day? I just want to write this. My beloved dad just called me three hours ago. I was so busy and focusing on my monitor when his calling appeared on my phone’s screen. It was unusual because we usually call each other at evening or night after my working hour, so at first I frowned while looking at my phone, then I was panic. Why was I panic? Since my mom’s accident that took her away from me about 5 years ago, all unusual … Continue reading Sudden Calling

Random Memories of Kuala Lumpur

I’ve been travelled abroad to a few places and all of it by infamous Malaysian (especially around Asia) low cost carrier. So, I’ve been transited a few times at Kuala Lumpur and below, my random memories and pictures about Kuala Lumpur. Curious, was my first feeling when I was about stepping on Kuala Lumpur, you know, I feel like our relationship with this neighbour country is like pull and push love. I was imagined how it felt to experience the country which culture, people, and weather were similar to what I have been used to, but just differ by political … Continue reading Random Memories of Kuala Lumpur

The Calling

I call it the calling for it makes me want to approach the place. I’ve been travelled intensively nowadays than I did before, but I’d never been interested to buy any postcard and put any concern about it until my abroad friends sent me these few postcards and I was happy to know that someone out here is think and care enough about me by sendinga postcard and i though “oh, there’s a bliss even in a simple thing like this”. So, since then I make up my mind to start collecting and sending postcard from any place, and it … Continue reading The Calling

Lunch at Ceking Terrace, Tegallalang

At the end of May i had another chance to visit Tegallalang in Bali. My last trip to that place just to see how was the Terrace Ceking, but at this trip i had a chance to spend a longer time there, had a lunch while enjoying the fresh air and nice scenery of Tegallalang. Ah, maybe one thing that made it a little bit different was some part of green leaves which turned in to yellow; I think we were not far from harvest time. 😀 I forget the name of restaurant where we had lunch, but it is … Continue reading Lunch at Ceking Terrace, Tegallalang

I Did It, At Least

Yes, I did it, at least. I had had a long dream about my ideal one day off; it wasn’t perfectly the same as what I had been dreaming of, but almost. It wasn’t a big, amazing, or luxury idea either. It was a simple but wasn’t easy to fulfilled by me. I had been dreaming about a day off of laying my lazy body on a white sand isolated beach. It had to be an isolated one, I had to be alone. I had been imagining it with stock of my favourite books and snacks. Reading the whole book … Continue reading I Did It, At Least