Collaboration Little Orange World X With YooRi

Happy Friday! \^0^/ Let’s have fun more. I’m doing a collaboration post with YooRi of With YooRi. We are celebrating her getting 100 followers and being accepted by two different universities (congratulation again, cool girl). I’ve been following her blog for months. I enjoy it. She mostly shares about anything out of my league like fashion, cosmetics, travel, and sometimes her life in general. I don’t understand well anything related to cosmetic, I only use sunscreen, face powder, and lip balm for my daily staples, however her detail yet easy to understand way of reviewing is interesting and refreshing. So what this … Continue reading Collaboration Little Orange World X With YooRi

About Bon Jovi Concert in Jakarta

And I… Will love you, Baby… Always… A line from extremely famous song of Bon Jovi. I was ten when I first heard that song from my older sister’s radio. I didn’t recognize the other words from the whole song, but “love you” and “always”. I just started learning about numbers in English back then (hey, it has been about 20 years and I’m stuck at this level. Kekekekeke), so I didn’t get the whole meaning of the song, however that was the first time, I was introduced to Uncles Bon Jovi’s song, and I liked it. I liked the … Continue reading About Bon Jovi Concert in Jakarta

Learn a month’s worth of delicious Indonesian dishes with Frenchman’s punk rock song 【Video】

Originally posted on SoraNews24 -Japan News-:
Unfortunately for everyone who loves delicious food, Indonesian restaurants are in short supply around the world and some people’s knowledge of the cuisine is limited to Indonesian “Ethnic” Cup Noodle. Fortunately though, a French singer named Fransoa, fell in love with Indonesian food and decided to write a punk song about it. Using the bizarre music video as a base, we are going to introduce 30 of the Indonesian dishes that Fransoa mentions in his song. Get out a napkin because you’ll be drooling by the end of this. Before we start with the food, let’s talk about Fransoa. We wish… Continue reading Learn a month’s worth of delicious Indonesian dishes with Frenchman’s punk rock song 【Video】


The last five days I have been so diligent to make my own lunch, even though the company I’m served serves it, and I’ve been also choose a quite simple and healthy food. One of the meal is ‘karedok’; specialty dish of West Java, especially Bandung, raw assorted vegetables (like vegetables salad) with peanut sauce, usually it uses bean sprout, green string bean, cabbage, eggplant, water chectnut,cucumber, and basil, but since I lacked of what i mentioned above, I used other vegetables. The main point of ‘karedok’ is we left the vegetables raw. So below is my own ‘karedok’ ingredients … Continue reading Karedok

Foods for Field Break

Food is on my top list when I’m about to get my field break like now; in countdown, I have 10 days left for my next field break (this thing is one of mood booster in our mining life). This time, some cities would be passed by me, such us; Balikpapan (will be passed on the way to Sangatta), Samarinda (will be passed on the way to Sangatta), Sangatta (my dad’s home), Bandung (will be visited), and Jakarta (will be visited). So along the cities pass list, the list of food is coming along. Balikpapan Balikpapan is famous for its … Continue reading Foods for Field Break

Batik, More than just a cloth

When I opened twitter application yesterday morning, I just found out that yesterday was Batik Day in our beloved country, Indonesia and that was confirmed by a twit from our president SBY. It was said that precisely four years ago, on that day (October 2nd) batik was designated by UNESCO as World Intangible Cultural Heritage. So, to celebrate the day, we were suggested to use batik especially those who work on government administration, company, student, and the other who feels like to use it. In that way we could feel the heave, feel the festive all over Indonesia. Besides that, … Continue reading Batik, More than just a cloth

A Little Taste of Bugis, South Celebes

My dad is a Bugis and my mom is a Torajan, after sharing foods that my mom used to cook, now i want to share what my dad’s line delicacies. Both of them are from South Celebes though. Buras Banana leaf wraped mushy rice which is cooked with coconut milk. I think this carbohydrate contained meal is one of most infamous from Bugis. We usually make this for special occasion since it is not easy to make and spend more time. But i guarantee that each sweat drop and time would be not wasted because the savoury won’t leave your … Continue reading A Little Taste of Bugis, South Celebes