Hello Jogja

For the last two months, I’ve visited Jogja (Yogyakarta) twice; first on mid September and the second time on mid October. Both visits were for different occasion. Before those two trips, I last visited Yogyakarta in 2005. So many things have changed for the last 10 years, except the scorching sun of Yogyakarta. On my first arrival, even though it was longer than the second one, I didn’t do so many things, except attended a conference, had dinner outside the hostel, and spent the rest day slouching either on the roof top of the hostel where I stayed or in … Continue reading Hello Jogja

Craving Some Foods

I’m not a big fan of any coconut milk base dishes, but nowadays, there are three dishes that I’m craving for; Lontong Orari in Banjarmasin, Lontong Sayur Uda Pero in Bandung, and Ketupat Kandangan in Satui. Those are all my fatty craving. Lontong Orari Banjarmasin Pressed rice cake served with jackfruit in coconut milk. I found about the popularity of Lontong Orari in Banjarmasin about three weeks ago, when I was getting my one day off. Its popularity has been spread all over social media long before I know it (what a missed). Lontong Orari maybe not much different from … Continue reading Craving Some Foods

Breakfast/Brunch at Warung Taru, Bandung

Yeah, it’s weekend. Speaking of weekend, there is a place that likes crossing my mind on each weekend, Warung Taru in Bandung. Warung Taru is one of my favorite places for having breakfast or brunch when I’m in the city, especially on the weekends. It has special feeling on the weekends for I love spending time there with my friends who are mostly free on those times of week. I love everything while I’m at Warung Taru; I love the wooden dominated furnitures and ornaments, I love the view, I love its tasteful foods, and I also love the affordable … Continue reading Breakfast/Brunch at Warung Taru, Bandung

My Home Best Trait; Burak

Ah, remembered about mom, I also could not get away the meals she often made for us. Burak Duku’ Manuk (Steamed of banana’s stem with organic chicken) I’m craving this meal the most. This is special dish from Toraja, which basic ingredient is the core part of banana’s stem. It goes well with organic chicken from my dad’s farm. LOL. Even though most of people from Toraja (especially who live there) know how to make it, I haven’t met one who could make it the way my mom did. Since the stem of Banana is succulent, it needs a kind … Continue reading My Home Best Trait; Burak

Foods for Field Break; South Borneo

Yeay, I’m having my field break tomorrow. When the field break is coming, my food list is coming as well. I don’t even realize why and when exactly that becomes a habit. 😀 I shared about various foods that I love to have when I’m on field break, so now I want to talk about it again, from South Borneo, the place where I have been working for about two years. Gulai kikil (cow’s feet tendon in coconut milk curry) It may sound disgusting for some people, but it becomes one of my favourite dishes lately. I usually have this … Continue reading Foods for Field Break; South Borneo

Indomie, Seleraku…

Literally, “Indomie, my taste…” The excerpt was taken from nationally well known jingle of an instant noodle’s advertisement in Indonesia. It’s raining outside and one thing that always come on my mind when the rain hits hard and the cold goes through my skin passes until the heart is “Indomie”. This is the first and nationally loved instant noodle in Indonesia. It needs 3 minutes to serve this instant noodle onto your dining table, but as I’m getting older, I concern more about preservatives, so it usually takes about 30 minutes for me to serve this, with additional ingredients. So, … Continue reading Indomie, Seleraku…

Lunch at Ceking Terrace, Tegallalang

At the end of May i had another chance to visit Tegallalang in Bali. My last trip to that place just to see how was the Terrace Ceking, but at this trip i had a chance to spend a longer time there, had a lunch while enjoying the fresh air and nice scenery of Tegallalang. Ah, maybe one thing that made it a little bit different was some part of green leaves which turned in to yellow; I think we were not far from harvest time. 😀 I forget the name of restaurant where we had lunch, but it is … Continue reading Lunch at Ceking Terrace, Tegallalang


The last five days I have been so diligent to make my own lunch, even though the company I’m served serves it, and I’ve been also choose a quite simple and healthy food. One of the meal is ‘karedok’; specialty dish of West Java, especially Bandung, raw assorted vegetables (like vegetables salad) with peanut sauce, usually it uses bean sprout, green string bean, cabbage, eggplant, water chectnut,cucumber, and basil, but since I lacked of what i mentioned above, I used other vegetables. The main point of ‘karedok’ is we left the vegetables raw. So below is my own ‘karedok’ ingredients … Continue reading Karedok

Foods for Field Break (Part II)

Nine days left for my field break and the food list is increasing. Yesterday, I posted about my favourite food in Samarinda, now I’ll go for Bandung. I’d lived at Bandung for more than 6 years so I love its taste. At first my stomach rejected the food in Bandung because mostly it’s raw vegetable, fried any-side-dishes, and separated ‘sambal’ (crushed chillies) without any broth while I used to eat the contrary serving. So below the list of food which are hardly missed by me while visiting Bandung; – Yamin Ceker besides Heritage Factory Outlet Literally dried noodle with meatball … Continue reading Foods for Field Break (Part II)

Foods for Field Break

Food is on my top list when I’m about to get my field break like now; in countdown, I have 10 days left for my next field break (this thing is one of mood booster in our mining life). This time, some cities would be passed by me, such us; Balikpapan (will be passed on the way to Sangatta), Samarinda (will be passed on the way to Sangatta), Sangatta (my dad’s home), Bandung (will be visited), and Jakarta (will be visited). So along the cities pass list, the list of food is coming along. Balikpapan Balikpapan is famous for its … Continue reading Foods for Field Break