First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tokyo Station

A bit different with the last three years when I promised myself to write in each travel anniversary, this time I’ll grab the moment and write every single day until my last time in Japan, which means I’ll write continuously for the next 5 days. If the first day was memorable simply for it was first, my second day was memorable because few things which are worth remembering. We were quite active on that day. We started since early on the morning, visited few different types of attraction; Tokyo Imperial Palace, Kawaguchi-machi which is one of the most popular Tokyo’s … Continue reading First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tokyo Station

First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tsukiji Fish Market

Let us get out of my last two toxic posts before. It’s tiring to remember anyway. How about a memory from my first time arriving in Tokyo? The moment that I hardly believe has passed for three years. Yes, exactly three years ago. Wow. How can time fly this fast? In three years, I see my new born baby niece to a cheerful talk-active little girl, or my growing nephew from elementary school to intermediate, from a mama’s boy to a teenager who refuses to be dropped up to his school’s gate. As for me, for the last three years, … Continue reading First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tsukiji Fish Market

Shinsekai, Osaka

This post will be about me and Shinsekai, and will  be… a little bit narcissistic. 😀 Shinsekai is one popular tourist destination in Tennoji Area, Osaka, in spite of its lack of safety issue. The issue I couldn’t affirmed, whether it was true or just rumor because as far as I remembered, I’ve never felt that way. I’ve visited Shinsekai twice and I had never even once faced the safety issue. All I’ve ever felt was the excitement while walking from one lane to another. I think it was really hard to be in bad mood while in Shinsekai area, … Continue reading Shinsekai, Osaka

Tasting Japanese Food in Japan

Like I’ve told on my last posting, I had a trip to Japan about a month ago. There are so many things about Japan that attract me. One of them is food. I really love any kind of oriental food, including Japanese culinary. So, when I spent holiday in Japan, I tasted as many food as I could and here list of my worth trying food from Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Tasting Japanese Food in Tokyo and surrounding Pork Curry Rice at Tokyo Station. I had this meal at Tokyo Station when we were waiting our bus to Kawaguchi. We … Continue reading Tasting Japanese Food in Japan