Short Story of My Trip to South Korea

After arriving back to Indonesia from my South Korea trip, I’ve got a lot of question about my itinerary and budget. It might be caused by my (seemed interesting) holiday pictures that I’d posted all around my social media. Honestly speaking, I didn’t get many places to see for 10 days there, so I’ve only answered that I didn’t have many suggestion, but stories. If only they wanted to hear it, but I didn’t think they would. I think I could publish at least two books for those stories (joke). 😀 😀 I might be changing the way of my … Continue reading Short Story of My Trip to South Korea

How I Want to Remember Them

Sometimes life can be so mysterious and the other times, it’s filled with surprises. Good times and bad times come alternately. At the same time, a family might hold a celebration of one’s birth, meanwhile at the other part of the world, there are people who in mourning because of losing their other half. I’m now in the last category, in grieving. No, I’m not writing this asking for pity. No. Since I lost my mom about 7 years ago, I fully aware that nothing lasts forever in this world and death is something that we can’t avoid, it’s just … Continue reading How I Want to Remember Them

More Hurtful Words

If I did believe there’s previous life before this life, I did believe that I used to be a bad person or I used to hurt so many people. Or, these are the fruits of all bad things I did in the past. I may just get my own karma. About passing the quarter life As an Indonesian, I’m not supposed to take any life partner or marriage related questions personally when I have passed the quarter life years ago. However, I did sometimes. A month ago, my younger cousin tied the knot and I was happy hearing the news. … Continue reading More Hurtful Words

That One Person

In life, there are one or two people that you love sharing anything about life, whether it’s your downs or ups. The type of person that makes you easy pouring anything, or let’s simplify this; the person who prefers giving ears to any of your problems and mistakes that (honestly) you already realized to being your judge (we already have so many judges in our live, though). That type of person whose arms are hurriedly reaching you when you fall. That type of person whose hug is able to wrap your wounded heart. That type of person who would rather … Continue reading That One Person

My Awesome Moments in Toraja

Some memories of my trip may remain awkward, while some are awesome. So what is awesomeness according to my simple taste? Landscape, landscap, and landscape It is an undeniable fact that Indonesia is blessed with numerous natural beauties, so is South Celebes, especially Toraja as a part of this beloved country. As far as I remember, during my trip, the whole view was green and awesome, whether it was the mountain, river, or paddy field. All was effortlessly beautiful. Even along our bus ride from Makassar to Toraja, my eyes were alternately spoiled by beautiful various landscape features of South … Continue reading My Awesome Moments in Toraja