That One Person

In life, there are one or two people that you love sharing anything about life, whether it’s your downs or ups. The type of person that makes you easy pouring anything, or let’s simplify this; the person who prefers giving ears to any of your problems and mistakes that (honestly) you already realized to being your judge (we already have so many judges in our live, though). That type of person whose arms are hurriedly reaching you when you fall. That type of person whose hug is able to wrap your wounded heart. That type of person who would rather … Continue reading That One Person

My Awesome Moments in Toraja

Some memories of my trip may remain awkward, while some are awesome. So what is awesomeness according to my simple taste? Landscape, landscap, and landscape It is an undeniable fact that Indonesia is blessed with numerous natural beauties, so is South Celebes, especially Toraja as a part of this beloved country. As far as I remember, during my trip, the whole view was green and awesome, whether it was the mountain, river, or paddy field. All was effortlessly beautiful. Even along our bus ride from Makassar to Toraja, my eyes were alternately spoiled by beautiful various landscape features of South … Continue reading My Awesome Moments in Toraja

An Update

Welcome to my very first post in 2016 (yeaaahh). I have plenty of stories to tell, but a little time for writing and editing pictures, so I feel like sharing my mundane life updates. First I’m back to my late job. Despite of all the troubles that I faced before, those peers that I prefer not meeting anymore, here I am, back again to the place I used to be. I set my face straight and let my ears deaf from all of bad things from now and onward. I have so many things that I have to achieve before … Continue reading An Update

Hi December

I just want to greet this last month of the year and share few updates. 😀 simply because the animated snow has appeared on my blog. Has autumn come to an end in the Northern Hemisphere? this picture was taken in spring 2013 though If it’s true, I would be upset because I haven’t updated anything about my one and only autumn experience last year. 😐Ehm, few updates; I’m alive. I’m healthy, I’m an unemployed, my contract just ended, I left South Kalimantan about two weeks ago, and I’m waiting for a new start right after new year. And I’m … Continue reading Hi December

About Bon Jovi Concert in Jakarta

And I… Will love you, Baby… Always… A line from extremely famous song of Bon Jovi. I was ten when I first heard that song from my older sister’s radio. I didn’t recognize the other words from the whole song, but “love you” and “always”. I just started learning about numbers in English back then (hey, it has been about 20 years and I’m stuck at this level. Kekekekeke), so I didn’t get the whole meaning of the song, however that was the first time, I was introduced to Uncles Bon Jovi’s song, and I liked it. I liked the … Continue reading About Bon Jovi Concert in Jakarta

What Song Are You Listening to?

Life is a journey, Not a destination, There are no mistakes, Just chances we’ve taken Lay down your regrets cause all we have is now Wake up in the morning And get out of bed Start making a mental list in my head Of all of the things that I am grateful for… The excerpts from “A Beautiful Day” by India Arie that lately I love to sing along almost every morning. If you were like me, you might also have your own song and procedure to start a day, especially at office. Mine usually start with entering office with … Continue reading What Song Are You Listening to?

Beautiful Legacy

When I arrived at home on my field break about a month ago, I saw my mom’s flowers had been blooming one by one, day by day, beautifully,and somehow, I had no option, but recalled my memories about mom. Those memories, which also brought back all my unspoken regret. There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real. Ah, if only I could turn back the time… Engkau pergi dengan membawa kepingan hatiku Meskipun hanya bagian kecil, aku terluka karenanya. -Loph, Ew- Kintap, … Continue reading Beautiful Legacy

About Addiction (They said)

I just realized that my fondness for you was like my fondness for my no-cream black coffee with a little sugar or a bar of dark chocolate; Instead of the fact how bitter both things, I still maintain to have it regularly. People around me might see it as a bizarre addiction, while I just having it to keep my mood skyrocketing. It was completely alike; lesser sweetened, stronger black and bitter. So, how do you like your coffee or chocolate? Continue reading About Addiction (They said)

About Pathetic

At one noisy and starless night in Bali, someone once told me that he was really looked so pathetic for ordering a drink to a girl and the girl just ignored him, in contrary the girl took the another man’s offering. He was telling me that story with his disappointed face and sorrowful voice and trying hard to show me how pathetic he was, and there I, listening to his self-claimed pathetic story, really thought he was too drunk or too early or too un-ripe or less-experience to knew how pathetic really looked like. I really wanted to tell him … Continue reading About Pathetic

Something to be Grateful for

A few things that I should have been grateful for a long time ago… I’m grateful for having a very understanding sister. She who always has supportive attitude toward all of my dream and my step. She who always has her time and ears ready to hear my entire trashy story. She who always laugh when I’m laughing, cries over my sadness, hugs me on my hardship, or sometimes laughs over my stupidity and angry over my silly sadness. I’m grateful for her just being there. I’m grateful for having my family who have shaped me as I am. I’m … Continue reading Something to be Grateful for