Asakusa, Akiba, and Shinjuku at First Time

No, I didn’t procrastinate this post. I got my day off yesterday, so I had no good internet connection. 😥 April 28th, 2013 Our last day in Tokyo before heading to next city, Kyoto. I have posted two pictures below before; however, I’m not over it. Asakusa, 10:20 a.m Meeting up the cuteness promise, while travelling around Tokyo, it was really easy to find anything that awakened whether the cuteness inside each of us or our playful sides. Akiba, 12.24 a.m Does anyone here know what are they doing? Found this in Akihabara, they eyes were all stuck on their gadgets. I … Continue reading Asakusa, Akiba, and Shinjuku at First Time

Patung Tuhan Yesus Memberkati, Makale

I like the sound of blessing, I like speaking of blessing, I like the blessings, I like to be blessed everyday, and I like it more to be someone else blessing, everyday. That’s why I like the name of this new icon of Makale; Patung Tuhan Yesus Memberkati more than the fantastic price of constructing this ambitious icon and how tall it is. It covers the whole area of Makale city. I hope the name of this statue becomes everyday pray of Makale residents and its surrounding. And… Happy Passed-over. He’s alive, so we could live. Continue reading Patung Tuhan Yesus Memberkati, Makale

Shinsekai, Osaka

This post will be about me and Shinsekai, and will  be… a little bit narcissistic. 😀 Shinsekai is one popular tourist destination in Tennoji Area, Osaka, in spite of its lack of safety issue. The issue I couldn’t affirmed, whether it was true or just rumor because as far as I remembered, I’ve never felt that way. I’ve visited Shinsekai twice and I had never even once faced the safety issue. All I’ve ever felt was the excitement while walking from one lane to another. I think it was really hard to be in bad mood while in Shinsekai area, … Continue reading Shinsekai, Osaka

Pieces of My Memory of Canberra

Another destination, another story, another memory, and I’m recollecting the scattered pieces of it. Long tunnel When we about to leave Sydney for Canberra, we passed a tunnel, my friend said that was a longest tunnel in Sydney. I forget what its name, and all I can remember is Ibam needed about 5 minutes to get us crossing the tunnel. It was suffocating for me, for being quite a long time in the darkness while moving. Not a good started for a first time travelling, but worth of experience. Lake George The roadsides from Sydney to Canberra really fed up … Continue reading Pieces of My Memory of Canberra