About the Sun

Almost everyday, after taking a bath, I go to the eastern part of our camp’s terrace and turn my head (and also eyes) into that direction, where the sun rises, just to enjoy the various color of its light dispersion. It’s soothing. I really enjoy it. That’s one reason why I also have plenty pictures of it. By seeing the sun shines brightly everyday (even not bright), it likes sending me a new promise, a new hope, and a new strength for whatever situation I’m facing. For whatever it is, it would change somehow. Even on a cloudy day the … Continue reading About the Sun

I Did It, At Least

Yes, I did it, at least. I had had a long dream about my ideal one day off; it wasn’t perfectly the same as what I had been dreaming of, but almost. It wasn’t a big, amazing, or luxury idea either. It was a simple but wasn’t easy to fulfilled by me. I had been dreaming about a day off of laying my lazy body on a white sand isolated beach. It had to be an isolated one, I had to be alone. I had been imagining it with stock of my favourite books and snacks. Reading the whole book … Continue reading I Did It, At Least

Another Feelling

I simply love my morning horizon today. I felt this shady and cloudy sky was pleasant instead of the gloomy feeling it used to show me.Looking up the sky from my veranda each morning and afternoon turns into a habit. I always chase after the colour of the sky; at dawn mostly i have this while at dusk, mostly i have thisI would be sad when the sky didn’t show any of those colour, i don’t know why this morning was different, maybe i was stung by an invisible and unidentified naughty insect this morning. I guess. Continue reading Another Feelling

Do You Wanna Feel My Blue?

Yesterday morning I found this bright blue sky at our coal mining area. As for us, miners, a day like that was such a blessing or something we always want to. So, I took some pictures. I took it from every angle that I could find nice to have. But, as usual, suddenly something crossed my mind; If I always find blue this beautiful and feel blessed, why do people said “I am feeling blue” when they sad, upset, down, have no hope, and in grief. So, when I came back from mine, I search and found that it is … Continue reading Do You Wanna Feel My Blue?

Every Cloud Has Its Story, I Mean Its Story about Mine

You must not blame me if I do talk to the clouds. -Henry David Thoreau Yesterday, I found the sky was grey; it wasn’t showing a “rainy” cloud, just simply cloudy which covered the luminescent, traces, and smell of sunlight. As though it mesmerized into my sadness that I had been feeling since I woke up.  Seeing that, my aching heart was getting better because it accompanied me, accompanied my sadness. I Thanked God for that. That was not the first time I felt that way about the universe, especially the sky, as though it came and joined my emotion. … Continue reading Every Cloud Has Its Story, I Mean Its Story about Mine

Beach, Cloud, Sky, Sunrise, and Sunset; Hanging there to be grateful for!!!

“Raise your hand if u were the one who will refuse the beauty of Beach, Cloud, Sky, Sunrise, and Sunset, because, i won’t rise mine and i hope i never would …” I’m neither an expert nor an amateur photographer, but just an ordinary girl who unconsciously raises my hand fills with mobile phone or camera while seeing such a beauty.  Here some picture with quotes that I’ve been collected, captured by me, i hope everyone who stops at my blog will enjoy the beauties, and while enjoying it, please enjoy it to the fullest. Because i did. “I thought … Continue reading Beach, Cloud, Sky, Sunrise, and Sunset; Hanging there to be grateful for!!!