My Weekends

Apart from my holidays, my daily life is apparently plain. It’s a 7 to 5 work life with little myself time after dinner. Not much to do with those remains hours after working hours. Only on the weekends I get additional one or two hours depends on how early we leave the office, which is influenced by the big boss. With that additional time, I often spent it with an afternoon walk (and the walk depends on the weather). It always be the same route because we only have that one province road in our neighborhood, which isn’t an easy … Continue reading My Weekends

Craving Some Foods

I’m not a big fan of any coconut milk base dishes, but nowadays, there are three dishes that I’m craving for; Lontong Orari in Banjarmasin, Lontong Sayur Uda Pero in Bandung, and Ketupat Kandangan in Satui. Those are all my fatty craving. Lontong Orari Banjarmasin Pressed rice cake served with jackfruit in coconut milk. I found about the popularity of Lontong Orari in Banjarmasin about three weeks ago, when I was getting my one day off. Its popularity has been spread all over social media long before I know it (what a missed). Lontong Orari maybe not much different from … Continue reading Craving Some Foods

Foods for Field Break; South Borneo

Yeay, I’m having my field break tomorrow. When the field break is coming, my food list is coming as well. I don’t even realize why and when exactly that becomes a habit. 😀 I shared about various foods that I love to have when I’m on field break, so now I want to talk about it again, from South Borneo, the place where I have been working for about two years. Gulai kikil (cow’s feet tendon in coconut milk curry) It may sound disgusting for some people, but it becomes one of my favourite dishes lately. I usually have this … Continue reading Foods for Field Break; South Borneo

I Did It, At Least

Yes, I did it, at least. I had had a long dream about my ideal one day off; it wasn’t perfectly the same as what I had been dreaming of, but almost. It wasn’t a big, amazing, or luxury idea either. It was a simple but wasn’t easy to fulfilled by me. I had been dreaming about a day off of laying my lazy body on a white sand isolated beach. It had to be an isolated one, I had to be alone. I had been imagining it with stock of my favourite books and snacks. Reading the whole book … Continue reading I Did It, At Least

Look a Little Closer in to South Borneo Craft Market

I already talked about my trip to Banjarmasin and Martapura about three months ago and I shared about Floating Market at Lok Baintan, Banjarmasin, South Borneo too. Now, let me share a deeper look to Cahaya Bumi Selamat, Martapura; market complex of handicraft and souvenir and most of it from diamond, polished stone, wood craft, rottan, dried tree skin, T-Shirt, Kain Sasirangan, and much more. This posted is dedicated to my lovely friend who really loves everything about her beloved country, Indonesia (go check her awesome travel stories all around Indonesia which each of it is completed with cute lovely … Continue reading Look a Little Closer in to South Borneo Craft Market

Random Sweet Escape to Banjarmasin, South Borneo

Have you ever had an eager to escape from something? Especially from routine, even though that routine is something you love to do? I’ve been in that condition so many times (guess I don’t love my job that much? Kekekekeke). A week ago, after spending 3 fierce days for asking a day off from my boss without informing my real reason for taking it (naughty employee), I made another escape and I called it a sweet escape and the place was Banjarmasin, South Borneo. I called it sweet escape because since 7 months ago, from the very first time I … Continue reading Random Sweet Escape to Banjarmasin, South Borneo