Hello Jogja

For the last two months, I’ve visited Jogja (Yogyakarta) twice; first on mid September and the second time on mid October. Both visits were for different occasion. Before those two trips, I last visited Yogyakarta in 2005. So many things have changed for the last 10 years, except the scorching sun of Yogyakarta. On my first arrival, even though it was longer than the second … Continue reading Hello Jogja

Menanti Senja di balik Wat Arun, Bangkok

Originally posted on Senang Senang Yuks:
Sudah lama sekali rasanya tidak bercerita tentang perjalanan kami di media ini. Tiba-tiba ingin bercerita tentang suatu senja di Bangkok, dalam perjalanan kami di awal tahun ini (gak terasa yah, sudah dipenghujung tahun). Cerita pertama kami dari perjalanan ke Bangkok mungkin diawali dengan hal yang tak menyenangkan, tentang beberapa penipuan yang kami alami, mungkin itu diawali dengan rasa terhina… Continue reading Menanti Senja di balik Wat Arun, Bangkok

Random Memories of Kuala Lumpur

I’ve been travelled abroad to a few places and all of it by infamous Malaysian (especially around Asia) low cost carrier. So, I’ve been transited a few times at Kuala Lumpur and below, my random memories and pictures about Kuala Lumpur. Curious, was my first feeling when I was about stepping on Kuala Lumpur, you know, I feel like our relationship with this neighbour country … Continue reading Random Memories of Kuala Lumpur

Simple Loha Prasat in Glittering Wat Ratchanatda Temple, Bangkok

Bangkok and its temple are something we could not be separated. Like usual, I always have “something” favourite when I see so much similar thing during my trip, and temples of Bangkok is not an exception. I couldn’t resist the magnificent and sparkling ornaments, eye candy colours, detailed sculpture, and the grand size of Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, I couldn’t skip the lovely … Continue reading Simple Loha Prasat in Glittering Wat Ratchanatda Temple, Bangkok