Love on the Road: That One Guy

The Love on the Road Series (this one will be long, please don’t get tired)   Started to get entangled. That one night was not this One Guy and I first encounter at the same weekly meeting. It might … Continue reading Love on the Road: That One Guy

About Pathetic

At one noisy and starless night in Bali, someone once told me that he was really looked so pathetic for ordering a drink to a girl and the girl just ignored him, in contrary the girl took the another man’s offering. He was telling me that story with his disappointed face and sorrowful voice and trying hard to show me how pathetic he was, and there I, listening to his self-claimed pathetic story, really thought he was too drunk or too early or too un-ripe or less-experience to knew how pathetic really looked like. I really wanted to tell him … Continue reading About Pathetic