Short Story of My Trip to South Korea

After arriving back to Indonesia from my South Korea trip, I’ve got a lot of question about my itinerary and budget. It might be caused by my (seemed interesting) holiday pictures that I’d posted all around my social media. Honestly speaking, I didn’t get many places to see for 10 days there, so I’ve only answered that I didn’t have many suggestion, but stories. If only they wanted to hear it, but I didn’t think they would. I think I could publish at least two books for those stories (joke). 😀 😀 I might be changing the way of my … Continue reading Short Story of My Trip to South Korea

That First Time in Festive Osaka

Ah, four days has passed since I last posted about my first trip to Japan. I promised myself to write it every day. This simple self-promised might be a small matter for the others, but for me, this is as simple as having my own vow broken. 😥 Finally we come to my last day in Osaka. Let’s wrap it in once post since I’ve already written about Osaka few times. When my travel mates and I were in the waiting room of Kansai International Airport, Osaka, we came to a really simple conclusion about three Japan’s tourist main destination … Continue reading That First Time in Festive Osaka

First Time in Enchanting Kyoto

I like Kyoto for its nice balance of culture, natural beauties, and modernization.  I once said that one day was not enough to explore the whole richness Kyoto could offer, but it could be sufficient to have a bit taste each of it. On one day trotting around Kyoto, I had my own note for these five things. Shrines and temples Kyoto is known as city with thousands temple and shrines. When I first arrived in Kyoto, I took a map especially spotted only temples and shrines in entire city. I thought that no matter how long I visited Kyoto, … Continue reading First Time in Enchanting Kyoto

A Glimpse of Hakone

Three days ago, I got an opened love letter from one of my best friends, Neng Uchan. She tagged me a picture of Mount Fuji which was beautifully taken from Hakone. Both Mount Fuji and Hakone have a special place, somewhere in my heart. Back to the call, it was a sweet reminder of our first anniversary trip to Hakone. Yeaaaahhh \^0^/ (clapping my own hand for my own achievement). Even though we just spent a night there and it didn’t work as what we had planned before, I still had few good memories about it (I do hope this … Continue reading A Glimpse of Hakone

Border by Border; Siem Reap, Bangkok, and Georgetown Part

So the story goes on and it still tells my most memorable moment in between.… …I don’t know where I’m going But i know where I’ve been… – Bon Jovi, Lost Highway – Land border passed; Cambodia (Siem Reap – Poipet) – Thailand (Aranya Prathet – Bangkok) When we hadn’t fully recovered from muscles strain, we had to move at the day after. We were moved from Siem Reap to Bangkok with a lot of troubles, pain, awe, and also stories which was included laughter. Warning: Don’t believe my smiling face in this picture. That was captured when we were … Continue reading Border by Border; Siem Reap, Bangkok, and Georgetown Part

Border by Border; Part of Kuala Lumpur and Siem Reap

This story is about some of my most memorable moments in between… It was started from a little town in the northern part of East Borneo, Sangatta and with an ignorant and innocent dream of two sisters who had been dreaming about travelling in Southeast Asia for so long time ago, my sister and I. So, there we started, drove our cheap car about 320 km southward and in 8 hours we arrived safely at Balikpapan with those wide smiles on our face. Still ignorant. Still innocent. We brought our entire ignorant and innocent dream about backpacking, that it would … Continue reading Border by Border; Part of Kuala Lumpur and Siem Reap

Touchdown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

A year ago, on this day (October 11, 2013) was the first time I laid my feet on others-third-country-I-want-to-live-in ground’s Australia, to be precise Sydney. Over five years of dreaming, 8 months of waiting and preparing, finally it’s done (or at least casted my feet on its ground is counted). Feeling the spring breeze for the first time and honestly the cold air chilled through my bone by my thin and not so supporting cardigan for the season. Forget about that windy cold air, I enjoyed every first moment during our trip there, especially the first half day. Landed around … Continue reading Touchdown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia