Halmae Joah

You can put β€œsoondaegukbap” (rice and soondaeΒ soup)Β in the middle of my name for my love for it. It doesn’t sound appealing nor sexy, but I do love this (what many friends said) weird food. I once posted about Halmoni Joah, my first experience with soondaegukbap, and now it’s Halmae Joah. When I have Halmoni Joah in Jeju Island, Halmae Joah was in Busan. During my … Continue reading Halmae Joah

Food Fiesta in Yamashinden, Nagano

Another multicultural family happened to be my host in Yamashinden, Watauchi Wakaho, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. It was a quite unique experience. I tasted two unique life style, included food preferences under one roof. In morning, I always stuffed my stomach with those sugar-overloaded English breakfasts following the preference of the husband, which mostly the same with tea times and snacking cheat times outside. Meanwhile, lunch … Continue reading Food Fiesta in Yamashinden, Nagano

One Last Night in Yamashinden

Have I written here that I continued doing HelpX even in Japan? Have I told you it was at one tiny hilly village named Yamashinden, which I first acknowledged the area from the profile of my future host? Have I written here that one of numerous things I loved about Nagano was the food? Okay, it doesn’t matter because I assure that I have written … Continue reading One Last Night in Yamashinden

2 A.M Rant

Which might sound awful. Like many other nights, for this last one month, tonight, I cannot sleep well. Five minutes to 2 a.m what is written on my desktop as I start writing this and my eyes are full awake. Various things are crossing my mind now, all about life, my life and the other people’s, which is affected. There are various unraveled stories through … Continue reading 2 A.M Rant

Lake Sidihoni, A Lake within Lake Toba

The scorching sun of Samosir Island that day could not hinder me from driving the rent motorcycle all the way up to the approximately altitude 1,300 meter of Lake Sidihoni. Located 40 km westward of the visitors’ most favorite Tomok, the people at my homestay said that I could reach Lake Sidihoni in about 1 hour. However, the road wasn’t easy for my riding skill, … Continue reading Lake Sidihoni, A Lake within Lake Toba


Today is a busy day in one of shopping malls in Jakarta. It’s highly possibilities just like the other malls in entire capital on the weekends. It’s even getting busier at the foodcourt that lately I love visiting. I was roaming around for loosening my muscle and also looking for one or two electric sockets for my gadgets, I saw few groups of mostly girls … Continue reading K-Fever