Craving Some Foods

I’m not a big fan of any coconut milk base dishes, but nowadays, there are three dishes that I’m craving for; Lontong Orari in Banjarmasin, Lontong Sayur Uda Pero in Bandung, and Ketupat Kandangan in Satui. Those are all my fatty craving. Lontong Orari Banjarmasin Pressed rice cake served with jackfruit in coconut milk. I […]

Wishful wednesday [1]

This is my first attempt (even though I’ve been following the blog for few months) of Wishful Wednesday, a media to share any book that you loved having or reading. Here are my Wishful Wednesday for this week: A Little Princess Sara Crewe, an exceptionally intelligent and imaginative student at Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary for […]

My First Random Memories of Tokyo

I’ve been following someone’s blog for these past few months, a photographer who takes me anywhere around the globe with his random lovely photographs. He updates daily. I love seeing so many random things he has been posted, no specific themes, just random things that make his posts are interesting to see. However what I […]

Breakfast/Brunch at Warung Taru, Bandung

Yeah, it’s weekend. Speaking of weekend, there is a place that likes crossing my mind on each weekend, Warung Taru in Bandung. Warung Taru is one of my favorite places for having breakfast or brunch when I’m in the city, especially on the weekends. It has special feeling on the weekends for I love spending […]

The Walk of A Geisha

I’m not over with “Memoirs of A Geisha” by Arthur Golden, yes, I know that I was left too far behind from this book was published for the first time or even from its movie first coming out. However, there were few places which were written in the book that I want to share. ◊Kamo […]