Love on the Road (I): The One Who Stays the Strongest!

He came out strong! Without the basic courtesy, he started the conversation with a strong question that succeeded to make my mouth stretched inches wider than its usual maximum stretch. I was hesitated to answer his questions at first since … Continue reading Love on the Road (I): The One Who Stays the Strongest!

My Weekends

Apart from my holidays, my daily life is apparently plain. It’s a 7 to 5 work life with little myself time after dinner. Not much to do with those remains hours after working hours. Only on the weekends I get additional one or two hours depends on how early we leave the office, which is influenced by the big boss. With that additional time, I often spent it with an afternoon walk (and the walk depends on the weather). It always be the same route because we only have that one province road in our neighborhood, which isn’t an easy … Continue reading My Weekends

A Whole Night Out in Hongdae on Friday Night

“It’s Friday!!! “Please join our…” “Let’s the party starts! “Yeah, Friday!” “Party time!” Those are the same repeated messages that I’ve always received for more than one month after I came back from South Korea. I’ve never been a party goer, even when I was much younger, but I keep on receiving those messages since I’m part of the Seoul’s couchsurfing’s group chat and the invitation is the group’s weekly schedule on every Friday night. Unless I visit Seoul, I can’t join the meeting and all the group members already know it, however I still enjoy what they share because … Continue reading A Whole Night Out in Hongdae on Friday Night

Once Upon A Time at Shibuya

Ah, kali ini pake bahasa Indonesia dulu. Bukan EYD pastinya karena aku selalu lemah di situ. Cerita kali ini, masih terinspirasi dari group chat Seoul. Iya, aku tau aku susah move on, bahkan cenderung gak mau move on. Kali ini bukan cerita dari Seoul, tetapi di negara tentangganya, Jepang, tepatnya di Shibuya. Lebih tepatnya lagi cerita tentang suatu hari di musim semi, saat aku dan Liz, juga para teman cowok mengikuti lautan manusia yang memadati ‘Shibuya Crossing’, penyeberangan yang terpadat di dunia di tahun 2013 silam. Ikutan memadati arus penyeberangan di “Shibuya Crossing” memang membuat aku dan teman-teman jadi norak-norak … Continue reading Once Upon A Time at Shibuya

Saturday Morning in Hongdae

Let me stop imaging what happened in Hongdae on Friday night, as the Seoulites festively welcoming the weekends. I spent a whole night in Hongdae once and it seems too hard to forget, especially when each Friday morning I’ve received the notification to celebrate it from Seoul’s couchsurfing group since a month ago. It’s kind of notification that makes me even harder now to forget my memories of South Korea. After the busy notification and hailing since Thursday night, Friday morning, until the due time, the crowd of chatting group would be finally replaced by the stream of pictures and … Continue reading Saturday Morning in Hongdae

Seoul, May 14th, 2016

Do you know that there is celebration on 14th day on each month in South Korea? I caught a glimpse of an article about it right before I flew to South Korea. I read it somewhere, but I didn’t give any attention, until I came to Seoul on a day before, May 13th. Since my first day in Seoul was messed up, I only hung out at night for dinner and brief strolled along the side of Cheonggye Stream (청계천 Cheonggyecheon). On the next day, I spent almost whole day outside, which was on Saturday, May 14th, 2016. When my … Continue reading Seoul, May 14th, 2016