Seoul in Frame

Before leaving Seoul for Jeonju, and then Jeju, and later coming back again to Seoul, there are few random pictures that I had taken during my Seoul for first time, some of which had been posted somewhere on my social media like IG and FB, I feel like posting it all here as well. This will be a random memories and thoughts during those days and I may also have been posted here before.

seoul1I was wondering alone in this small park near the home of my first host because I had no idea where to go, neither what to eat. My iPad battery was almost run out and my phone already dead. I couldn’t use it until I was about meeting Irina, which was about 3 hours later. I was there, sitting alone, looking blankly at the graffiti on the wall, and sometimes curiously watching the passersby.

seoul2Honestly speaking, I wasn’t alone. I was accompanied by Banana Milk (similar to this Strawberry Milk), which later had become a good companion during my trip. It was kind of life saver when I missed or skipped a ‘big’ meal.

seoul3The neighborhood and the path that I hardly forget. I will not forget those ajummas who were enjoying picking any kinds of vegetables while having (seemed so deep) conversation every time I passed this path.

seoul4I once shared on my Instagram that I felt like Seoulites by spending about an hour to move from one station to another and playing my gadget in between. However, I liked it when I found few lovely drawings in between.

seoul5You know I will always have this special affection to orange in anything. ❤


seoul7As I lately become an observer of manholes’ pattern.

seoul8Church or cross sign was surprisingly easily found anywhere in Seoul and later in the next few cities that I greeted.

seoul9Meanwhile I slowly became familiar with the combination of these colors and patterns.

seoul10Hiking up to any peak around Seoul made me realize that I could always get fresher air by that and stunning sights of that capital city, whether it was partly view or 3600 view.


10 thoughts on “Seoul in Frame

    1. A lil bit, sorry to say..I found much more pleasing in the neighbor. And I saw few blogs posted much more beautiful patterns (still from the neighbor).

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