I Play Her the Song of the Rain in Hopember

Hi World, Hi November, Hi Rain…


Hi You! The one that I long for,

every time they play my song of the rain

in hope

in November.

I can mention at least five people around me who undeniable love the rain, especially the November’s rain. They all romanticize the rain. I don’t complain about it because I am a person who will romanticize just everything that has any potential (one of which is the autumn, although I only have very small thing to do about autumn).

So these people, every time October comes to an end, they all get nervous. They all are wishing for the rain on November 1st. One of which is my sister. She probably is the leader of this group. She once told me to pay attention to the sky on each first day of November because it had to be rain on that day. So she could play that November Rain of Guns N’ Roses.

To me, her romantic feeling about November’s rain is completely contrary to what the song really means. However, she just has her own reason. Her gang has too. I appreciate it, instead of the fact that I can mention harsh fact about the rain.

The problem is, she will always drag me into her mix melancholic and romantic feeling about the November’s rain. Every single year. Exactly on each first of November. JUST LIKE TODAY. I don’t like it either. I don’t hate the rain. However, I do love “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses. I enjoy the song for different reason. I do enjoy and adore it in different way; the neat and delicate music. I admire Axl Rose’s kind of voice.


After few years in confusion, when my sister and I were trapped in one of this first of November’s rain (see?), she finally explained to me the reason behind it. You might get the clue now that it all something had to do with romance. The story was sweet, although it didn’t end up as planned. Somehow it gave her the idea of re-building new hopes in everything. I don’t get her way of thinking. Nevertheless, the fact that she can build new hope in her not-so-well-ending-story makes me want to support her. And now, I am a first of November’s rain watcher. Just like her, I hope it to be raining. Not for sentimental reason, but I watch it, so I can watch this beloved sister of mine having her hopes and effort in everything raise up again and again.

Generally people do it on New Year, but somehow she does it on her own. On first of November. When the rain is pouring down from the sky.

So, have you played your song of the rain today? That Hopember Rain?



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