The last five days I have been so diligent to make my own lunch, even though the company I’m served serves it, and I’ve been also choose a quite simple and healthy food. One of the meal is ‘karedok’; specialty dish of West Java, especially Bandung, raw assorted vegetables (like vegetables salad) with peanut sauce, usually it uses bean sprout, green string bean, cabbage, eggplant, water chectnut,cucumber, and basil, but since I lacked of what i mentioned above, I used other vegetables. The main point of ‘karedok’ is we left the vegetables raw. So below is my own ‘karedok’ ingredients (actually I took the recipe here);

– green string bean

– Chinese white cabbage

– tofu

– carrot

– lime

Peanut sauce ingredients;

-100 gr peanut, fried (later I found this amount is insufficient for my vegetables)

-100 Palm sugar

-Greater galingale


-onion and shallot

-lesser galangal

-50 ml mineral water

Note; I didn’t use salt, but it was supposed to use salt.

How to make it;

  1. Slice all the vegetables in to a small pieces (look at the picture)Karedok 1
  2. Crush the sauce ingredients one by one; I started with chillies, onion, greater galingale, peanuts, and last palm sugar (I left the shallot uncrushed since I like that way better). I was supposed to crush it into a very fine size, but I like mine a little bit rough texture, so I made it like at the picture.Karedok 2
  3. Add enough mineral water. Squeeze the lime in to mixed vegetables. Blend it well.karedok 3
  4. Pour peanut sauce into sliced vegetables. Mix it well.karedok 4
  5. ‘Karedok’ ready to serve.karedok 5

This easy recipe is really fresh, the raw vegetables gives a crunchy taste, so does the peanut sauce.


8 thoughts on “Karedok

  1. Wow..a Yuna’s Kitchen post huh?

    Though I am not a fan of tofu but yours are looking good…hehehe…

    Happy cooking, my friend!! Cheers~ 😀

    1. Aw, thank you so much, dear friend.
      I still have few DIY recipe. 😀
      I’ll post it someday. 😀
      I start to love tofu. 🙂

      Happy cooking. \^0^/
      I like that you like this post. 😀

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