There is Something about Book

Starting writing (blogging) again after long time of hiatus is hard.

Starting writing again in this pandemic where surviving life is kind of a new achievement (at least for me) making it is even harder.

However, these last few weeks, I have blogwalked again. I haven’t published a post until this one. I started from blogwalking to my few “blog” friends who I used to communicate a lot here.

Thank you to one of my fellow blogger whose post was enjoyable to read. Her post re-ignited my will of blogging again. It’s recalling my memory of bookstores and library. Especially the one that I stumbled upon while travelling.

Ah, I will let you know, when I write again, especially about travelling, it must be something from years ago, before pandemic. It might be not to relate with our condition nowadays.

And I still love to share it anyway. 🙂 ❤

I read books lesser these past few years, I attract more to mobile phones and sleep when I have free time. I read less. Nevertheless, for me, there is something exciting about book, whether just see books, the stacks of books, see someone enjoys read book, illustration of book, bookshelf, library, bookstore, or anyone who talks about book. Any kind, it makes me excited enough by seeing it. I enjoy it.

So reading a post about library around neighborhood from my fellow blog fried was enjoyable enough for me. Moreover, it brought back myself to some feelings about the books, something clingy from my past travel related to books. At first I wanted to post about a renown strikingly popular huge bookstore in Seoul, however I couldn’t find photographs collection from my last travel to South Korea in 2019, right before pandemic. T__T

So here the similar feeling about other random places while I was travelling.

Amado Book, Namhae

This is might be a little subjective because the store is owned by my friend. However, it can not make it less interesting.

Located at southern island of Korea Peninsula, Namhae, Amado Book is a nice place to visit for a booklovers.

The arrangement of this tiny local owned bookstore is comfortable for a visit. There aren’t many books display there, but it all the well selected book by the owner. Mostly independent local publishers. Besides that, my friend committed to introduce Namhae via her bookstore. So you can find one or two book about Namhae or author from Namhae, or things related with Namhae.

Like the other bookstore, this one also produces some cute and memorable stationary which picks the things around Namhae.

When I was there, I packed back a lot of stuff with me, nice illustration books about Namhae-related, few variant of collectible cute stationary (notes, pens, and bookmarks).

Moreover, the owner will friendlily guide and explain you about the books she sells there. She knows what she provides inside the Amado Bookstore.

Seoul, 2018.09.11

Pick your favourite!

Jinbōchō, Tokyo, 2016.10.21

Kind of heaven for a booklover. Jinbōchō is a well-known book district in the Tokyo Downtown, a place where you want to spoil your eyes with lanes full of second-hand books stores.

I do have special bound with this district, might publish a special post for it.

Busan, 2017.05.20

Which book is the fake one?

Jeonju, 2016.05.16

Another stumbled upon of a bookstore (store or rent place?) while I was roaming around the city. At a glance I saw this downstairs passage to a book full of book (I could read the Hangul word for book, but the others).

It was a neatly arranged racks of book with tidy placed chair and table for reading. I felt this place would be great for a longer stop for me, if only there was sign at least in English, so I knew what to read or do here.

Barcelona, 2017.04.14

I think he was enjoying the reading more than the landmark around him. Or he is just enjoying the landmark with his most enjoyable style? Who khows.

Granada, Spain, 2017.05.07

I sure always picked a nice spot while waiting.

This was right in front of where I seated while waiting my friend in Granada. It was pleasing to see how the customers picked up their favorite reads.  

Nagano, Japan, 2017.06.19

Cádiar, Andalucia, Spain, 2017.04.28

Here is an introduction of my long term dream, having my own mini library in the house. Since I don’t have my own home. I provide the picture about how want to spend my life. This was taken when I did helpx program in Cádiar, Andalucia, Spain.

I love how my host placed the bookshelves around the house.

So, until my dream comes true, I will enjoy it this way.


9 thoughts on “There is Something about Book

  1. I love books! But most of all I love readings! Kadang memang kalau jalan2 ke negara lain tertarik ngintip pasar bukunya, terutama pas di Jepang, lucu2 tapi tetep ga bisa dibaca dong karena bahasa Jepang semua haha jadinya cuman liat2 aja.

    Aku sekarang sudah jauh mengurangi beli buku, bisa dibilang sudah stop beli buku sejak kapan hari, karena sekarang 100% mengandalkan layanan perpustakaan yang gratis dan lengkap 🙂

    1. Mba Ev,

      keren banget itu, layanan perpustakaan yang gak melulu tentang buku2 non-fiksi, apalagi buku2 pelajaran. 🙂 hahaha, ingatnya masih perpustakaan waktu sekolah.

      Ah tepat banget, masalah membeli buku di Jepang. Bahkan aku pernah tanya buku yang berbahasa Inggris, di toko besar dekat Shibuya Crossing, itupun terbatas jenisnya dan jumlahnya, jadi ya sudah, cukup menikmati tempatnya.

      Eh jadi ingat, aku kehilangan foto2 waktu ke toko buku depan Shibuya Crossing itu, lucu juga, buku, cafe, dan tempat kumpul2 gitu.

  2. Woohhh! Suka banget liatin foto-fotonya, buku dimana-mana 😍
    Aku juga selalu berusaha mampir ke toko buku atau perpustakaan klo pas lagi pergi-pergi.

    Sekarang ini aku suka bawa buku juga untuk ditukar klo pas nemu little library, karena rata-rata sistemnya take one put one. Biar buku disitu ga abis cuma diambilin orang. Semoga secanggih apapun teknologi, buku akan tetap ada dan ga jadi barang antik ya…

    1. Seru ya Mba, iatin toko2 buku beda2 diberbagai tempat, habis di sini aku banyaknya ke Gramedia aja. 🙂
      Dengan pengaturan buku2 dan segalanya sudah ter-standadisasi. 🙂

      Wah menarik itu, tukar buku begitu, pengen terapin di sini, tapi nampak sulit. soalnya waktu di Spain aku pernah nemu satu buku yg ditaro acak gitu, ditinggalkan acak untuk dibawa dengan harapan kita juga melakukan hal yang sama, somewhere.
      Sejenis BookCrossing gitu kayanya.

      Iya belum sirna buku.

  3. Hello Yuna. 🙂

    Books and bookshops, I love them. I especially love secondhand bookshops. Going into them is like entering a mystery, you never know what you might find (there is always treasure in bookshops).

    I’m pleased to see you surviving all the ills of this world. I hope all is well with you.

    Cheers! 😀

  4. Hi, I was blogwalking around and came across your blog. I’ve only started blogging again this week too and so far I’ve seen quite a bunch of us did the exact same – not sure what’s going on this week with all the sudden urge to be back to blogging! Anyhow, those look like some cozy pretty bookstores! Secondhand bookstores are the best for me personally. Salam kenal Mbak!

  5. I many like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. A soon.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, commenting, and following.
      I appreciate that.
      I would love to do the same. 🙂

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