Random Memories of Singapore

The story and the pictures are so yesterday, yet I still want to talk about it since I’m missing the moment. This is a story from our trip to Singapore in 2011 and it will be a collection of my notable memories.

SingaporeDuring our holiday in Singapore, I always had borne the thought whether the fines worked well at least for making the environment of Singapore clean and tidy. I envied the citizen for that.

Singapore 1I simply love everything in this picture; the catchiest building to my eyes (from outer appearance), my most favorite dad in the world, my most favorite and reliable sister. 😀

Singapore2Seeing this picture makes me remember how my niece had been looked so tired almost all the time during our trip to Singapore. She didn’t speak her mind about our trip, she also didn’t express her thought about it, while we could not ask about her opinion because she easily irritates by such a thing, so I thought she was not as pleased as our intention for providing holiday for the children to Singapore, and that made me a little bit down, until one day, her friends told me that my niece really bragged talked a lot about our trip to Singapore. So, she just didn’t want me to know her feeling though. At least I know she enjoyed it 😀  Ah, there were moments of her smiling, when we talked about shopping souvenir and food. ❤

Singapore3In contrary, my nephew was so active. He loved trying anything new he saw. He happily run from one place to another within our oversight, touched things here and there, he asked anything he wanted to ask. He just stopped briefly for recharging when he was tired, and this picture was the only moment he sat quietly a little bit longer than usual after a long walking to reach the icon of Singapore.

Singapore5And the last (for this post), my favorite brief moment is my dad’s smile. I’m really happy just by seeing this picture. I should give my sister special treat for capturing a moment likes this. Priceless.

Singapore6So those are my really personal memories about trip to Singapore. Do you usually talk about personal matter while traveling? How was it for you?



Feel free to drop your thought...Thank you \^o^/

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