Seoul, May 15, 2016

The rain is pouring heavily from this morning. It’s inconvenience to go anywhere, even to the Pit area, although the company’s vehicles are equipped with 4 wheels drive. Since I have worked in mining company, rain is something that we prefer not showing up. However, I know few people who love the rain. They always become delighted when the rain comes and I am always the one who wonders why. I frequently think about a bowl of warm boiled noodle with various vegetables and egg instead, or my bed with a companion of book and a cup of coffee on the bed side. Mine is contradicted with them. But, it’s slightly different today. I don’t think about noodle neither bed, I think about one rainy day (just like today), May 15, 2016 that I spent alone in Seoul instead. Hahahahahaha. It’s about Seoul again and again in the end.

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My morning was begun bright, both sky and my face until Irina reminded me to see the weather forecast (she might have seen it before), and suggested me to bring umbrella. I was surprised when seeing the forecast saying it would be raining. I hardly accepted it. The bright shiny day was what I wanted that day. However, how the weather worked was not my authority. I brought an umbrella though.

Started about 11 p.m. I drove my feet to the most popular historical places in town; Gwanghwamun Plaza, Gyeongbokgung, and Bukchon Hanok Village. That was a classic route.  The thick grey cloud that notified me about the coming of rain was hanging still. It was thicker as I was walking farther.  I kept on moving, from one to another station which was lesser crowd than the past few days.

gwanghwamun2Arrived at Gwanghwamun Plaza, there were lots of activities to do around the plaza. I did my favorite things; free-rides and people watching. I was delighted watching the kids which were playing merrily with the water fountain around the plaza. I enjoyed the melodious voices at the Global Concert, and also the story of King Seojong right beneath his majestic statue.

p1050299Moreover, because it was on the weekend, there was a flea market along the side walk. If only I wasn’t too lazy to add weight in to my baggage, I would have bought many things from the market; from delicate wood crafts to cute little thing which actually gave me hard time passing such a market.


gwanghwamun1The cloud was sending me rain’s sign still. I needed to move. Since the Gyeongbokgung was close, I briskly reaching that popular palace. The scent of Korea’s old time was strong from the place  where I was standing that time, behind the King Seojong statue, as I saw so many people were using hanbok (Korean traditional attire) in and out the palace.

p1050316I moved faster, the sky was getting darker. Unknowingly, I walked to the area where there was the last minute of the palace changing guards’ ceremony. I enjoyed that last minutes I had.

gyeongbokgungI was eager to see more because the massive area of the palace and its beautiful buildings, but I couldn’t. I gave a glance to each building and made few stopped.

gyeongbokgung2Finally the cloud couldn’t handle the mass of its water contain, the rain was pouring down. It was too early for me to go back home (I mean Irina’s home). I went to Bukchon Hanok Village instead. It was close and I felt like using my umbrella.

gyeongbokgung1I was confused at first where exactly the village, I didn’t have any map, only that simple direction explanation that I got from the guard outside the palace. I missed it first; I reached this lovely district which was filled with various nice shops and restaurants with lovely design, Samcheong-ru. If only I wasn’t half wet, I would have stopped at one of the shop, I didn’t dare.


hanokbukchonvillageScrutinizing the standing map at one corner of Samcheong-ru, I finnaly found my way to Bukchon Hanok Village. The steep road to the hilly village was quite hard in the rain, at least for me. However, the exquisite quaint look of the whole area was hard to resist, even in the rain, so I kept walking.


hanokbukchonvillage1The village was quite calm, I wasn’t sure if I had met any of the resident, except those other visitors who were similar to me, busy wondering and taking pictures, especially on the spots where it all were promoted, but I avoided it. I chose the empty road instead.



If there was one time when I felt lonely while travelling alone was that time.

However, loneliness would not stop me. I moved and kept on moving through the rain and loneliness and maintain my happy state…

To be continued


7 thoughts on “Seoul, May 15, 2016

    1. Gak terlalu jauh bedanya Win, 11-12 ajah, mahal dikit Jepang. *kalo gaya standard aku jalan*, tapi kemaren saved banyak gegara couchsurfing. 😀

  1. you’re lucky you still have someone there with you. I was all alone when in UK. I had no one I can ask to accompany me strolling the street. hiks … but you’re right, loneliness didn’t stop me to look more about the city, at least around my stay. and took some pictures there. but honestly, I wasn’t satisfied with myself at that time. I wish I was brave enough to go far to find more about the country. well, maybe next time my turn comes. Seoul has always been in my mind, yun’. I pray someday I can travel there and find what you’ve found. that time, I will make sure I will bring my best camera so that I could have a lot of good shots 🙂 . keep writing about your journey there. I need anything about this place before I go there 🙂

    1. Amen, I pray for your coming to Seoul as well mba, I’d love to go with you if everything on my side is okay. 😀 😀
      Oh, U.K is my ultimate dream land, it’s way to expensive, I think push my limit is all I caould do while there. So let us pray for another trip to UK mba Evi. 🙂
      Yesssss, camera is important even though our brains to save the memories are more important. Can’t leave it the camera behind.
      Thank you Mba Ev, I love this kind of support for writing. 😀
      Need hear more from you. ❤

  2. by the way … next time you travel anywhere, please don’t be lazy to buy anything unique from the place. those things will remind us of how lucky we are to be able to set our feet in that place. when I went to UK, I bought a lot of key chains for myself. and to today, when I look at them, I will always remember my time in that country. and somehow it drives me to go for a trip again someday. to explore the places I haven’t been able to reach.

    1. Kekekekeke, yes yes, I usually buy the light one like bookmark, but lately I find the tickets can be my bookmarks. 😀 😀 and the most mainstream, fridge magnet.
      That’s one hate-love relationship about memory Mba, it brings back all of the nice feeling while travel, as strong as the longing to go back to that place (when it’s not that easy). 🙂

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