I Am Sigourney

The second week of November is coming to its end.

So, it is time to say again and again that cliché spells; “how time does fly in a blink of an eye!”

And also a mark of me officially being jobless for about a year. Wow. When you do nothing time passes you just like that.

Okay, I have travelled to few countries and cities ever since (I posted few stories of it). I have been back to Indonesia for about 5 months now and still struggling to find the job that I want. It seems so challenging to get it with my background, experience, and age. It’s tough actually.

That’s my not so different updates to my few updates few months ago. Here we come to the point regarding to my tittle.

This post actually is going to be that sort of cheap self-promotion. I have done this promotion through all of my media social platforms. I am now a person who wants to grab a glimpse victory over the internet, which is not easy as it might seem. 😀 😀

So, what is Sigourney and what it has to do with me.

Sigourney is a clothing brand (focusing on footwear and sometimes matching bags) built on November 2013. Sigourney first started with three different style peronss who had the same passion to Indonesia’s richness of impressive traditional clothes, and later they manifested that fondness to various uniquely daring footware. So, that how Sigourney was born.

What it has to do with me, the brand was hiatus few months (or years?) due to each of its founder’s business until I came in about two months ago. It was like an impromptu. I asked about a pair of shoes to one of its founders, who are my senior, and she said that they took a break for no one had time to take the mundane task. I needed cash and job. I would take any job, and besides that I was one of their faithful customers. As far as I remember I had ordered Sigourney shoes like 6 pairs for two years. That was a big number because I still even use my shoes and clothes from my collage days, which was like I-hardly-count-how-many-years ago.

To make it quick, I was sorry to hear that one local brand which was built with the love of Indonesia’s richness culture just went to an end that simple. So, I offered my-has-so-much-free-time-self, and here I am now, their sales team and all around assistant, except designing the shoes. Nevertheless, I still open to be consultant of your preference design to mix and match with our available clothes or your own clothes.

I might be lack in so many ways when it comes to shoes (hey I don’t even have high end branded shoes), however my admiration of Indonesian traditional clothes has brought me here. Besides that, Sigourney’s affordable handmade shoes just fit my taste and special size (out of size measurment) of foot. I have this short and wide foot which forces me to order my own beloved boots and heels.

So here’s the preview of Sigourney. You can call me anywhere on the social media and get yourself Sigourney.

Just like its name, Sigourney has the daring color and pretty unique design for your daily wear.

From heels, boots, slip on, flats, wedding shoes, or any shoes you dream of with our favorite materials such as ikat, silk, cotton, knitted, batik, wood, antique, vintage, tribal, bohemian, woven, geometric, tie dye, any many more.

Sigourney will handmade-ly it especially for your taste and size. 🙂 ❤

On etsy : https://www.etsy.com/shop/IAMSIGOURNEY?ref=profile_shopname

With the love of Indonesia’s traditional clothes and care for Sigourney’s customers. ❤

on FB : https://www.facebook.com/iamsigourney/

My another project is coming! 😀 ❤ ;D ❤



4 thoughts on “I Am Sigourney

  1. I love that the shoes has an oriental or Asian side to it. It gives more character! Also, I always love the name, Sigourney. I first discovered from the American actress, Sigourney Weaver 🙂

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