Hello Jogja

For the last two months, I’ve visited Jogja (Yogyakarta) twice; first on mid September and the second time on mid October. Both visits were for different occasion. Before those two trips, I last visited Yogyakarta in 2005. So many things have changed for the last 10 years, except the scorching sun of Yogyakarta. On my first arrival, even though it was longer than the second one, I didn’t do so many things, except attended a conference, had dinner outside the hostel, and spent the rest day slouching either on the roof top of the hostel where I stayed or in the lobby. I was so lazy. I put aside the entire plan that I’d prepared before going to Jogja, and I didn’t even feel sorry for that. Kekekekeke. 😀


Jogja view from Ratu Boko Palace

I had something good to tell from my second arrival on mid October. I went to Prambanan Temple Compound and Ratu Boko. I also tried few Jogja’s signature dishes.

I want to start it from food. As far as I remember, the most famous delicacy of Jogja is gudeg. There is a special street dedicated to gudeg in Jogja, which is called Sentra Gudeg Wijilan. I tried gudeg in one of most famous shop which recipe has been used in generation, Gudeg Yu Djum. After trying a complete package of gudeg, honestly I had no other thoughts than sweet, sweet, and sweet. Even though I’d tried so hard to enjoy that famous gudeg, I still couldn’t handle its sweetness. That was one of few foods that I hardly chewed.

JogjaGudegI enjoyed BPK Lima Serangkai and Olakisat, which were not the signature dishes of Jogja, but Karo, North Sumatera. Both plates were savory and satisfying. Loved them. ❤

JogjaBPKAh, I’ve tried foods at Raminten. It’s not a place where Jogja cuisines are sold, but we only can find Raminten in Jogja. The place serves various Indonesian cuisines with a little bit creativity. It was my first time there, the place was cozy, the service was nice, and the foods were (surprisingly) delicious. ❤

JogjaRamintenThere were still few foods like at Angkringan with its various cheap side dishes and Dapur Sambal, where various kinds of sambal were offered. Both places served savory or less sweet foods in Jogja.

For domestic tourist, a visit to Jogja should be marked with strolling along the historic street, Malioboro, and I did it too. But, I focused more on buying postcard and few cute things in Mirota Batik.

JogjaMirotaSouvenirJogjaMirotaVisiting Jogja wouldn’t be completed without visiting few prominent historic ruins around the city. I chose the nearest sites from downtown Jogja; Prambanan Temple Compound and Ratu Boko Palace.

JogjaPrambananI’ve always been amazed by the magnificent ruins of a massive temple complex like Prambanan. I didn’t even have to question why that complex has been defined as a world cultural heritage in 1991 by UNESCO. Moreover it is said as the tallest and most beautiful Hindu temple in the world. Prambanan Temple Compound consists of Prambanan, Sewu, Lumbung, Bubrah, and Gana. We made a brief stop at Plaosan temple.

IMG_8630I went up to Sewu Temple at the far north. Strolling around the temple was enjoyable for it was clean and tidy. I loved it there.
JogjaPrambanan1 Finished with Prambanan Temple Compound, my friend and I rushed to Ratu Boko Palace for its sunset, which was the latest tourism trend in Jogja. Unfortunately, we were too late. The best time for viewing sunset had passed when we arrived and the crowd around the best spot made it worse. Since the spot had been spread all over social media, especially Instagram, at the time we arrived there, it was really crowd with the visitors, and the selfie madness was all over the place. I couldn’t catch the picture without people inside my frame. 😥 However, I still enjoyed the sunset and the remains of the palace. I could imagine how great the sunset would have been if we were on time. I’ll visit this archaeological site from the 8th century again next time.

IMG_8751I accidentally found out about Bakpia Day during my trip to Yogyakarta. Bakpia Day has been held since 2013, but it just listed as one of Yogyakarta’s annual tourism event in 2015. The day is symbolized by the parade of Bakpia’s mountains in the city which is started in Ngampilan, the original area of bakpia.  The Bakpia’s mountains were formed from thousands bakpia which were produced by hundreds home industries and small scale industries. Besides that, along the parade, there were few attractions from the locals. At the end of parade, the whole bakpia were given to the parade’s attendees. Sorry, they actually had to struggle to get their cakes from the mountains.

Food and temples run were my highlights from my two last visits to Jogja. I think I need another trip to Jogja because there are LOTS of things to enjoy and do in Jogja.


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    1. Thank you Allyson. Indeed delicious, but I couldn’t say Gudeg was delicious. 😀
      I do hope you have good times too. 🙂
      Semangat. \^0^/

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